Clintons’ Crap Exposed....Again

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[Black Star News Editorial]

The Clintons’ duplicity again was exposed in an interview with a radio station on Monday in Pennsylvania when Senator Hillary Clinton’s better half, Bill Clinton, lied that Senator Barack Obama’s campaign had played the race card and that the strategy was outlined in campaign memoranda.

If the Clintons end up in the White House again, the nation is guaranteed the politics of duplicity, gridlock, lies, scandals, and perhaps impeachment again. Richard Nixon is renowned as a liar; he was no match compared to the Clintons.

During the Monday radio interview on WHHY the host had told Bill Clinton that some Black political leaders in Pennsylvania who’s supported Senator Clinton switched to Senator Obama because they said they were offended when he’d denigrated Obama’s victory in the South Carolina primaries. At the time, Bill Clinton had dismissed Senator Obama’s win saying after all, Jesse Jackson, a Black candidate, had also won when he ran in 1988.

Clinton had snapped: "No, I think that they played the race card on me, and we now know from memos from the campaign and everything that they planned to do it all along."

After this lie on radio, today, Slick Willie was confronted by reporters who asked him whether he had proof that the Obama campaign had played the race card and if the memos did exist, as he had alleged.

“When did I say that and to whom did I say that?” Clinton asked a reporter in an incredulous tone. He then accused the reporter of hounding him and wanting to play games.

When the reporter responded that he had made the remarks on WHYY radio, Clinton responded:

“No, no, no, I didn't say that.” Clinton also added: "You have mischaracterized it to get another cheap story to divert the American people from the real urgent issues before us, and I choose not to play your games today."

"I said what I said -- you can go back and look at the interview, and if you will be real honest you will also report what the question was and what the answer was. But I'm not helping you."

So Bill Clinton was now lying to cover up his Monday lie.


Lying is as natural as breathing to the Clintons. Fortunately, readers can go to the radio station’s web site and listen to Bill Clinton’s false allegations about the Obama campaign’s supposed "race card strategy." Just as Hillary Clinton’s lie about dodging bullets during her visit to Bosnia was exposed when CBS produced a tape showing her being greeted with flowers, Clinton’s double lie is confirmed by the audio on WHYY’s website

At the end of the Monday radio interview, thinking he was off-air, Clinton had also remarked before he hung up the phone: "I don't think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?"

Well Mr. President, voters don’t have to take any shit from you and your wife either.




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