CNN's Republican Hatchet Job

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[Black Star News Editorial]

CNN had some "expert" on this morning dispensing advice for President Barack Obama on the words and terminology that the president needs to use.

The expert, Michael Maslansky claimed President Obama has lost the "discipline" he had when he was delivering his message during the presidential campaign.
Maslansky claims that the president is making a big "mistake" by using "fear" mongering in order to sell his message. And what are these fear-mongering tactics the president is supposed to have used?

By pointing out that the economy will get worse if his economic recovery plan is not passed quickly; by pointing out that Republican obstructionism will result in delay in stemming the job losses that have now reached 4.8 million; by pointing out that millions of more Americans face home foreclosure unless they can quickly be able to bring home paychecks; and, by pointing out that millions of Americans will lose their healthcare coverage son after losing their jobs.

How is this fear-mongering when this is the reality that the George Bush Republican Administration has created?

President Obama lived up to his campaign promises by trying to forge a Bipartisan solution to the Republican created economic disaster. He offered an olive branch. Instead, the Republicans, incited by Rush Limbaugh, immediately created a grey Wall of Obstructionism and spit on President Obama's hands.

What was he then supposed to do as the nation's chief executive and, for now, chief fire marshal? Watch the house burn down while waiting for the dithering Republicans to get on board?

And for rallying the American electorate that put him in the White House --and rejected the Republicans' eight years of failure-- the president is now accused by some clueless expert of fear-mongering?

There is a reason why Barack Obama is president and why Michael Maslansky is not.

CNN acted incompetently by not inviting another expert to rebut Maslansky's --and who exactly is he?-- calumny. The same network last week had a preposterous segment on American Morning dissecting the meaning of a "trillion dollars"; one of the examples provided by another "expert" was that a trillion dollar bills stacked on end would be the equivalence of travelling 68,000 miles towards the moon.

The Republicans could not have produced a better commercial for undermining a plan to prevent calamity.

Why didn't CNN line up all the unemployed 4.8 million Americans and also tell us how long the line would be if they were lined from the east cost to the west coast?

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