Corrosive Materialism Reigns Supreme

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[Reflections On Materialism]

Every channel on television, most popular songs on the radio and websites we visit all seem to be delivering a common message: Life is about making money and spending it.

People are being subliminally told that everyone’s ultimate goal should be to make as much money as possible and that
through buying what we want, we achieve true happiness. Even so, it is no secret that money cannot buy happiness, especially when we look at miserable Hollywood stars that have "everything" we are being pushed to value and crave for.

The emphasis media puts on clothing labels, gaudy cars, houses and outrageous jewelry is instilling values in people that are completely destructive to our minds.In discussing this topic with some of my peers many of us recognize that there is something wrong with our society and its values. The superficial things we seek are not helping many of us achieve a lasting feeling of fulfillment and pride in our intellectual progression.

The everlasting chase for the lifestyle we are taught is desirable clearly leads to a life often time focused on money where we spend the majority of our precious lives working to live. It is part of mental enslavement. Media have a way of being able to influence what is popular but it seems it is not only influencing trends but an even deeper aspect of our lives including ours goals and desires.

The Superficiality and a lack of drive towards deep individual thinking turns people into mental slaves that allow media to mold us however they would like for their benefit. I think it is imperative that we take a look at the motives behind the information we receive and the effects it is having on people mentally and spiritually or we will have a new generation of mental slaves.

While it is very difficult to overcome something that seems ever present, I suggest always questioning the motives behind messages we receive, encouraging deeper thinking in the youth and re-evaluating our values as individuals.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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