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An ad posted on Craigslist has created quite a buzz for itself—and it is not good. The ad posted over a week ago clearly states that Black people are still unwanted in certain areas around the nation. 

In the apartment seeking section of the site, the ad offers a luxury 2-bedroom apartment for a great deal. However, there's just one catch: if you're Black or have kids don't even bother responding.

'As soon as our staff received notice of this ad, it was immediately shut down," said a spokesperson from Craigslist.

But many angry communities took to Facebook and other social media sites demanding that Craigslist block racist ads

"You mean to tell me Craigslist has no way of keeping these kinds of ads from being posted?" one Facebook comment said.

This is not the first—and perhaps not the last—bias post to blemish the popular site. According to a Craigslist spokesperson, they have been trying to block these kinds of ads for years.

Recently, Police in Pensacola Florida investigated an ad looking to recruit members to commit hate crimes against African Americans and the Gay community.

Back in March, the Daily Dot website featured a post where a white woman in Buford, GA was looking for two athletic Black men to wrestle in chains in front of an all-white audience for $600 dollars. The ad was supposed to recreate a scene out of Quentin Tarantino's popular film, Django Unchained.

The latest controversial ad listed on Craigslist was posted from Elmwood Village in Buffalo, New York. The person who posted the ad has not been immediately identified, however, the realtor of the property, Lafayette Lofts, who rents and sells luxury apartments and condominiums for that area, took to their Facebook page for damage control, stating:

 “We have been made aware of a highly offensive and discriminatory listing on Craigslist offering an apartment at 438 Lafayette Ave that has listed our phone number. Please know, we have made no postings whatsoever on Craigslist and we are taking appropriate steps to report this ad.”


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