Crook Kerik Has More Hidden Skeletons

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Inmate Bernard Kerik, the former Correction Department Chief and former New York Police Commissioner, will appear before Judge Stephen Robinson Thursday.

It has not been confirmed, but the Department of Justice may ask Inmate Kerik to waive his rights to a trial and accept 27 months in a federal jail as a plea bargain agreement for his transgressions. If true, why is this second plea deal being put on the table in the first place? The trial is scheduled to begin November 9th . Kerik, after recently being denied bail because he was leaking sealed information to sympathetic reporter, checked himself into the psych unit in jail.

Doctors earlier this week ruled that he wasn't crazy. In a July 13, 2006 Black Star News article, I wrote about the August 2000, complaint I filed with the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson’s office and requested the arrest of Commissioner Kerik – who fraudulently withheld my fixed salary for two years (to present) – after I was injured in the line of duty on August 7, 1998. The DA’s office labeled Kerik’s actions as an “Economic crime,” and never contacted me again. However, in the same article I called for a federal probe on Kerik and the non-action taken on the part of the DA’s office.

( Former New York City Mayor and failed GOP presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani made the decision to put then Detective Kerik as his top security person and began to control his career after being elected mayor in 1994.

Giuliani, being the chief executive officer of the city, defied every civil service law, stepped on and over seniority, to promote Kerik, a low grade New York Police Department (NYPD) detective into the Department of Correction (DOC) – creating a high-ranking civilian post for him. In less than a year, Kerik was made the DOC commissioner for a short while and then was brought back to the NYPD as its commissioner. It is ironic how things came full circle – Giuliani’s masterpiece is now known as – Inmate Bernard Bailey Kerik #210-717, housed in Westchester. Right where he belonged even when he was "commissioner."

In the wake of Inmate Kerik’s criminal demeanor, which evolved right under the nose of Judge Robinson, he left the judge with no other decision but to revoke his bail and confine him to jail. The Department of Justice (DOJ) should not wait any longer to conduct a full independent investigation into Inmate Kerik’s civil service crimes and all of his administrative decisions when he terminated – or as Kerik puts it, “Whacked” many civil servants and robbed them of their careers.

This too should be probed. Inmate Kerik’s attorneys attempted to have the Appeals Court lift Judge Robinson’s decision; they failed and he must remain incarcerated at the Valhalla jail in Westchester County to await his federal criminal trial. I say keep your fingers crossed because inmate Kerik is going to use every trick in the book to delay his trial until he gets another, “Get out of jail pass,” and go home with a bracelet on his ankle – hell, this is the norm for mob bosses and he seems to be getting a lot of support; a Fox News host called for the recusal of the judge.

“This federal judge up there, this guy Stephen Robinson, seems to have such a thing up his behind about Bernie that he has revoked Commissioner Kerik’s bail pending trial,” Geraldo Rivera, who has the credibility of an ant, stated on the Don Imus show of all places. Rivera’s facts are warped and he needs to get his head examined. Inmate Kerik was the least qualified commissioner in DOC history and his “Whacking,” record, which stole the careers and livelihoods of many African and Latino American families would prove he is a racist. It is ironic Inmate Kerik terminated hundreds of African and Latino American civil servants labeling them, “Tax cheats,” or “Unbecoming an officer,” then rounded them up like runaway slaves.

Just recently, some of these civil servants waiting for their federal lawsuit trial to begin learned they were labeled, “Security risk,” in a NYPD memo and alleged to conspire to break inmates out of jail. However, they had no uniform or shield and were assigned to visit security posts to cut overtime. They were given DOC vehicles to move visitors around Rikers Island to different jails. Inmate Kerik does not only think he is above the law, he thinks he is above the criminal justice system as well. After being indicted on 16-federal criminal counts in November 2007, while facing these serious counts he was allowed to remain free on a $500K bond – he was able to spend time with his children and family during the holidays, which seems to have made him more arrogant as he appeared on different internet and television shows bashing the government and President Barack Obama. “I just think that we’re letting a hero go down with a whimper, not even being allowed to defend himself. I think it’s really raw. It’s really low down,” Rivera says, but who knows where he gets his facts? Coming from Fox, I’m not surprised.

Giuliani used Inmate Kerik and put him in position to do his bidding – to ethnically cleanse the DOC from the top ranks to the bottom and uprooting Mayor David Dinkins supporters at the same time. Both Giuliani and Kerik were operating like a mob family working as Civil Service Mafias, making up their own rules and job positions. It is also suspect how Inmate Kerik and many of his managers and loyal supporters obtained degrees from the SUNY Empire State College. In his book, Inmate Kerik talked about a troubled childhood and suspected an African American man for the death of his mother who he called, “her pimp.”

One would have to wonder how Inmate Kerik passed the psychological examination to get into the army and the law enforcement positions he held. “There was no inquest. No police investigation. No detective was assigned. No family or friends were ever interviewed by the police. The cops apparently had no desire to investigate the murder of a white prostitute who slept with black men,” Kerik writes in his book, The Lost Son, pg 231.

Maybe they didn’t want to investigate the death of a prostitute; period.

At the DOC Inmate Kerik so easily “Whacked,” hundreds of African and Latino Americans, firings more than 100;  and he did not mention this  in his book. As DOC commissioner, Inmate Kerik started a program called – Total Efficiency Accountability Management System (TEAMS) and with this program, he would “punk” correction managers who came through the ranks if he felt they were not loyal to him. Each of these managers knew he had the full backing of Mayor Giuliani, this was clear to everyone. So whoever did not move to Inmate Kerik’s beat – they were whacked; fired.

There were so many uniform and non-uniform civil servants who feared Inmate Kerik and daily official business records reporting inmate/staff assaults were not being reported accurately, which on paper made the assaults count appear as going down – this is the record Inmate Kerik hangs his hat on. It had to be the Christmas of 1997, when Inmate Kerik (then as the DOC commissioner) toured the jails on Rikers Island and appeared at CPSU. I was in uniform and always wore my duty belt displaying a nine millimeter holster, two magazine holders, two sets of handcuffs and the normal institution equipment. Inmate Kerik and I looked at each other when he passed, everyone was tendering the military salute, but I just kept looking him in the eyes and I did not see a commissioner. Even in Kerik’s wife’s uncle eyes, questions were raised, “How do we know he’s the first deputy commissioner?” And this was before Inmate Kerik was actually made commissioner.

During his visit he wore a dark suit, his hair balding on the top and slick going backward on the sides and he had this walk and look on his face like he smelled something. It seemed like he knew who I was because the information I sent out referring to the DOC, I also sent it to his attention and it was ignored. For my questioning the powers that be, I was kicked out of a “Preferred command,” the Special Operation Division (SOD) and sent back to work in the jail as punishment. I failed to adhere to the warden’s threat, to “Get with the program,” and stop exposing the racism and corruption in the DOC to outside agencies and city officials.

“The Central Punitive Segregation Unit – or the Bing, as we call it – was like something out of a horror movie. It was home to the worst of the worst: hundreds of cold-blooded murderers, rapists, and hard cases who would slice your throat for a cigarette,” Inmate Kerik writes in his book, The Lost Son, on pg 265.

I was immediately reassigned to, 'The Bing,' but I did not get my throat cut – however, my ankle was severely broken inside a cell in CPSU during a training session, which still raises red flags as more information comes out today. After a battle with the DOC, I won the right to be compensated from the day of the injury to present. It has been eleven years and the manner in which my injury occurred remains very suspect.

In February 1997, I filed a federal lawsuit against the DOC and several high ranking supervisors; after receiving the discovery from the DOC, I learned more about Kerik's role and on June 29, 1998, he was added as a defendant – a little more than a month later, my ankle was broken.

The lawsuit I filed exposed the corruption in the DOC, which Kerik was a part of and on November 30, 1999, he terminated my civil service position at the DOC. This lawsuit was closed December 20, 1999, under former Southern District Chief Judge Michael Bernard Mukasey – (Giuliani was sworn in twice as NYC mayor by Mukasey, and he was tapped to head the United States Attorney General office by President George W. Bush).

Kerik was made the NYPD commissioner September 5, 2000, with flying colors. While Inmate Kerik sits in his LLC (Little Lonely Cell) there is no way he can avoid thinking about the dirty deeds he is responsible for, involving all the civil servants he, “Whacked,” upsetting their families and livelihoods. How would you feel after being injured at work and your leg had to be placed in a full-leg-cast from your toes to your groin – making it impossible for you to meet up with your family who had already left for a weekend trip? Then to make matters worse, two weeks later, you are informed by telegraph – the health division supervisor filed false and misleading official departmental and medical paperwork accusing you of not being home and criminally placed you in a absent without leave (AWOL) status, breach the union’s contract only to attack your financial survival by stopping your fixed-salary paycheck and trespassing upon due process?

This was the work of the Civil Service Mafias. Thanks to The Black Star I started exposing the transgressions, including in a September 2, 2004 report "How NYC Correction Department Abuses Disciplinary Process to Buttress Corruption."
I would like to ask Inmate Kerik these questions: 1) Did it matter to you as commissioner when you signed off on an undated termination letter of a tenured and decorated civil servant who was injured in the line of duty and had children to support? 2) Did it matter to you that this injured civil servant may not be able to keep a roof over his family’s head while in a full leg cast? 3) Did it matter that this civil servant’s children like your own, looked forward to receiving presents at birthdays and Christmas time? Or did you just whack people for the hell of it?

This is a strange world considering where the former "Comissioner" has been spending his recent nights.

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