Cuomo Appoints Outside Counsel In Gov. Paterson Probe

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[National News]

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has appointed former Appeals Court Judge Judith Kaye as an independent counsel to handle two investigations  involving Governor David Paterson.

Governor Paterson had asked Cuomo to investigate allegations that he may have tried to ineterfere in a domestic battery allegation case involving his top aide David Johnson and in another matter that he may have improperly acquired tickets to a Yankees game and then sought to cover it up with a back dated check.

In an interview two weeks ago Black Star News publisher Milton Allimadi and Cash Michaels, on Gary Byrd's radio show, were the first to predict that Cuomo would recuse himself and appoint outside counsel. "This just makes more sense," Allimadi said, today.

"Cuomo will be running for the governor's job later this year," he added. "Even without taking a position on Paterson's predicaments, it was clear to any reasonable person that there was a conflict of interest. I was surprised and disappointed that from the outset so-called major newspapers such as The New York Times never demanded that Cuomo recuse himself in an editorial."

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