Dedication to John Lewis: “A Warrior has Fallen”

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[John Lewis\“A Warrior has Fallen”]
Harris: "A warrior has fallen. Let us honor him. He has waged the ultimate battle. And won..."
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The following tribute to Congressman John R. Lewis was written by Dr. Herbert Harris.

A warrior has fallen

Let us honor him

Let us be still inside

And remember,

His triumphs and his failures.


He fought the dragons of his time

Against overwhelming odds

Proudly standing

In the face of racial discrimination

And social injustice

With honesty as his shield

With character and determination

As his mighty sword.


A warrior has fallen

Let us honor him

He has waged the ultimate battle

And won.


Overcoming the final obstacle

Of this fleeting existence

To receive the ultimate reward

Eternal and everlasting life In the hearts, and minds, and spirits

Of all whose lives were touched by him.

Who received the benefits of his counsel

And of his works.


A warrior has fallen

Let us honor him

With the gift of everlasting life

In our hearts,

In our minds,

And in our spirits.

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