Defeating Hate Talk Radio

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[On The Spot]

This presidential election exposed the widespread areas in the country where hate lives.

Here in the twenty-first century – people still think they have the right to trespass against someone just because of the color of their skin. The First Amendment of the constitution does give everyone, the "Right to free speech," as long as that speech does not infringe on the rights of others.

Racism is not protected by the Constitution.

During this presidential election with a Black man running, Hate Talk Radio as irresponsible as it can be, blitzed the airwaves with virulent fear to beef up their party of interest in a way to not, "Let the good old times die."

Rush Limbaugh, Bernard McGuirk, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Laura Ingraham, all with the same racist agenda, used their shows to recruit and stir up White separatist groups across this country. These radio hosts are aware of the mindset they are tapping into and have been given the green light to say whatever they want – even if it is not true.

Where was Homeland Security when racial threats were being made against Senator Barack Obama? Where is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation on hate talk radio?

Racism is not a sickness or a cancer – it is a comfortable way of life for too many people in this country. In the good old days we learned racism had no bounds as it spread throughout the country, finding safe havens in the work place, courts, hospitals, schools, churches, possessed by the very rich to the very poor; the educated to the uneducated; the well employed to the unemployed and the saints as well as the sinners.

Combine all these nasty instances with the Republican Party rallies. Senator John McCain acted too late to address the matter and could not control his own crowd in the end. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), who is chair of the Homeland Security Committee, witnessed the hate and threats against Senator Obama up close and has not taken any action or spoken a word against those racist acts.

However, Lieberman showed no shame begging to keep his committee chair after being caught standing on the losing side when the music stopped. An end has come to playing the middle politics as usual – and the Democrats should have told Lieberman to go find a job.

The hateful racist acts being reported across this country after the presidential election is still continuing and it looks as if it will not end without some strong regulations being put in place or the laws already on the books being enforced.

Not only is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) being tested to the max, this hate talk is trespassing upon the Constitution – and what is being said borders on high treason. The reason the powers that be use racism is because the racist feared a true and fair election. They knew that if the American people ever got a chance to choose between a lie and the truth – the people will choose the truth – and the rest is history.

President-Elect Barack Obama did not only win the White House, he won the hearts of every American and non-American all over this world – who has the audacity to crave for change, peace and a better tomorrow.

We still have to pay close attention to George W. Bush until the last minute he remains in office however, with his low approval raking – all acts ordered by this lame-duck president should be monitored, reviewed or suspended at best. Many people are losing or have already lost their jobs and homes due to the mendacity of high powered bankers and elected officials who failed to regulate them by turning a blind eye.

The November 4th, presidential election spoke loud and clear, giving Senator Obama the kind of win he needed to claim the White House; a landslide, a mandate, call it what you want. Because the pundits never saw it coming and still cannot believe what happened. One word came out of the mouth of many, "Wow." Or like the man in the crowd who asked McCain and the GOP Party, "How did we get here?"

The answer: "This is the United States of America fool."

The people changed the electoral map and voted against the norm in such a way that there was no way the movers and the shakers could tamper with numbers they have never dealt with in this 2008 presidential race. The mainstream media had to take a back seat and watch like everyone else – this time.

The people stood strong and took back their county and answered that ancient question, "What’s in your hand," in an undisputable way. Surely the answer was - the power of the vote. There was never nothing wrong with America – it was just taken over by a powerful minority who tried to put us all into modern day slavery, but "We the people," woke up at the right time.

There are still serious medical issues that far too many people of all races face: HIV/Aids, Cancer, diabetes, obesity, mental health and heart failure. These ailments don’t discriminate against any race, creed or color.

We are the United States of America – North America – and there is no room here for hate; you heard.

President-Elect Barack Obama, Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden and the cabinet members will do just fine in the White House and we will do everything in our power to protect them and their families, "By any means necessary."

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