Democrats; Time To Back Barack

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[Publisher's Commentary]

Candidate Barack Obama's main challenge right now is how to get the vast majority of Clinton supporters on board to prevent John McCain from stealing the elections and extending the Bush term by another four years.

The disastrous wars would continue --McCain already has said we need 100 years in Iraq-- and the economic decline would slide straight into recession.
Obama will be able to demolish McCain when the candidates start debating the transcendent issues -- 500,000 job losses; $500 billion deficit; corporations fleeing abroad with jobs; foreclosures; drying up of the credit markets; and soaring energy costs, just to name a few.

Yet, in a close election --and regardless of the national polling, Obama is doing very well by making more states up for grab this year, including Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, and N. Carolina-- all the Democratic votes must count; for the Democratic nominee.

That's why it's unfortunate to learn from a Wall Street Journal survey that 21% of voters that backed Senator Hillary Clinton claim they are planning to vote for Senator John McCain; only 52% of the Clinton backers now support Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"There's a lot of pain that needs to be addressed," Laura Boyd, a Clinton delegate from Oklahoma tells the Journal.

The acrimony comes from the fact that the primary election campaign between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama was long and bitterly contested.
We all know which side first unleashed some of the most ugly and destructive language in the primaries. Yet, now is not the time to re-examine the details of the primaries; today, all the Democrats must come together and rally around senator Obama.

The country would do well by electing a team that can arrest the economic decline and begin the long task of recovery, and to honorably end the tragic Bush-Cheney-McCain war in Iraq.

Democrats also must protect women’s' freedom of choice and not have the Supreme court kill Roe vs. Wade.

The task begins today at the Democratic Party Convention in Denver, Co.


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