Designers Showcase Culture And Heritage At African Fashion Week NY

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[Byrd's Eye View]

What was the best thing about Africa Fashion Week New York which concluded recently?

I would have to say the beautiful colors and unique designs that captured the strong essence and culture of Africa. The designers stayed true to their heritage while making their pieces wearable for anyone.

The setting for the show was the Broad Street Ballroom, a beautifully elegant location perfect for show casing such an elaborate event. There were a total of 24 designers coming from all over the African continent; African American designers were on the list as well.

I loved the music--filled with drums and Africanesque ballads-- it made me want to get up and dance, dance, dance or, walk fiercely and then strike a pose! I very much enjoyed every aspect of the show.

I was in awe of the African jewelry and designs drawn on the models faces. I loved that the models came in all different beautiful sizes, shapes and colors -- what a relief from the line up of rail thin models on parade at most shows.

I got a chance to meet and take pictures with the executive producer of the show, Adiat Disu.

"The best part of this year was the end product," she later told me. "Seeing creativity from different parts of the world work together seamlessly."

Although I didn't get as many photos of the show as I would have liked, I did manage to get a rich sampling.

I look forward to Africa Fashion Week New York next Fall and encourage others to attend and broaden their fashion horizon.

The Ballroom was packed with spectators, including people interested in sampling a different look and experience. 

The show was held from July 12th to July 18th.

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