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(Eady wants to impart knowledge. Are you ready?)

In too many communities we continue to see drugs being easily distributed on our streets by the products of a failed education system – a lack of real jobs, lack of affordable housing, no real family structure and much more.  The answer to the situation is economics.

He is no stranger to new ideas and continues to reach people with his economic knowledge. Kermit Eady, the founder and president of Black United Fund of New York (BUFNY), the organization that once was an engine of growth and pride in the Black community, has released his first DVD entitled, “Empowerment Strategies.�  The DVD is full of information, which lays down the ground work for starting a business – with no money. The DVD can be ordered through (888) 538-9803 or via

In the beginning of the summer, Eady held empowerment sessions on 125th Street where over 250 people were in attendance.  He has stepped up to educate these communities with his empowerment strategies knowledge through his DVD and classes, which will begin in Harlem at the State Building on 125th Street and CEMOTAP, (Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People), located in Queens, 135-05 Rockaway Blvd.)  

In 1979, Eady started BUFNY and kept it running for almost two decades, until Attorney General Elliot Spizter forced him out, citing misuse of charity monies after BUFNY managed to purchase real property, which put 400 Harlem families in low income housing. An act that did not seem to be illegal, however, it appeared to be an affront to BUFNY’s shareholders, at a time when ‘Black’ communities were going through a gentrification phase. 

After speaking with Eady on several occasions, I found him to be very spiritual, and very serious about his works. It shows Spitzer and company really did not get Eady’s MO, and found out the hard way – that he was tough as a three day old steak – who refused to be put out of business easily.

“You see, I started BUFNY to empower the community,� Eady recalls. “I saw a bigger dream past the 400 low income units. These units would have brought more monies to do bigger things. That dream was a vision someone did not want to let get off the ground.� Eady went on to say, Spitzer, a Democrat, “Fired me and brought in four Black Republicans from Long Island to take over BUFNY. Then fired all the employees and stopped the payroll deductions that just about killed BUFNY. A preacher told me, ‘Man if I was in your shoes, I would have blown someone’s head off by now.’ I don’t have to think like that because God will make a way.� 

The Attorney General’s Charity Bureau, headed by William Josephson was given high praises when it involved taken down Black charities, however, when Josephson went after Medicaid fraud in white nursing homes, he was no longer welcome at the AG’s office. Spitzer was quoted saying in a newspaper that he didn’t “have confidence� in Josephson’s judgment. How about the BUFNY investigation, where was Spitzer’s confidence then? Will we ever find out what really happened to BUFNY and other Black run charities closed down by Spitzer?

There is a need to empower oneself and with 50% of Black males unemployed –Eady’s Empowerment classes couldn’t come at a better time. “I am going to tell young people about Kermit’s classes. Our young people need to learn a skill to empower themselves,� says Florence Rice, a long time Harlem advocate and friend of Eady’s. 

These classes may fill a gap in these communities where the education system has surely failed.  Maybe some of those young men who can be seen so visually standing on the corner selling cigarettes and whatever illegal substance – will take advantage of these classes to make an attempt to enter the work force and become an asset to the community and not just a thorn in its side.

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