Donald Trump: From Circus-master to National Clown

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Donald Trump continues to dominate the news and forcefully influence developments as Republicans seek to sort out who will be their standard bearer against President Obama in national elections in November 2012.

But, as he steadfastly cling to the “Birthers” notion, people are thinking either he’s not playing with a full deck or it underscores his master manipulation status. Coupled with recent and compelling Republican history, this behavior and resulting confusion is really not out of character for the “Party of No” that has refused to tax the rich, many of whose new members, as “Tea Party” candidates took the “Nordquist Pledge” and so are vehemently and unalterably opposed to the President, that they will squeeze the country to prevent an “Obama win.” 

More importantly, however, the man, “the Donald,”  so many are courting is not only rich but an opportunistic showman entertainer with a gigantic ego. In addition, this master manipulator who cannot really be a serious presidential candidate enables a questionable light to be cast on these candidates who truck up to the towering Trump in a way undermines their credibility.

Many are of the view, Donald Trump is only interested in promoting Donald Trump and will probably exact a price from any political apprentice  who hopes to benefit from his supposed “extensive knowledge, leadership and foreign policy experience.”

Donald Trump betrayed his un-presidential persona when he challenged Barack Obama over the “Birthers Issue.” Adding to this “fool’s errand,” he threw in questions about the President’s academic record.  These two huge blunders revealed the shortcomings of Mr. Trump as a political leader and theorist even though he has had some success as a businessman.

However, his showman capabilities, his wealth and resultant media calculations has fueled his political prominence in the Republican Party. This shrewd businessman, as a supreme betting man, has donated to both Democratic and Republican causes. Such “hedging his bet” has been a shrewd strategy though he is more welcome in the Republican Party perhaps because of his wealth or that they are more amenable to his machinations.

Some have argued, Mr. Trump’s interest in presidential politic has been principally to promote publicity for his TV show, The Apprentice, and to keep his brand name in public prominence.  He, on the other hand, chose to articulate President Obama as an issue because so many Republicans love to hate the man.

Mr. Donald Trump is a late bloomer “Birthers Advocate” who, unfortunately and misguidedly believes the issue was a publicity gravy train for political aspirants. However, in his decision to seek the presidency, Mr. Obama had girded himself with the wherewithal for a successful political campaign, viz., a keen mind grounded in a career of academic excellence; constructive giveback as a Community Organizer; political experience and contacts gained as a state and later  federal Senator from the state of Illinois; an impeccable ethical background; and, most important, a wonderful family comprising an intellectually gifted wife and two lovely daughters whose love and support anchored his faith, personality and focus as the winding road of the campaign became long, treacherous and challenging.

Whether intentionally or otherwise, an anti-Obama phlanx coalesced in a “Tea Party Movement;” aligned with right wing groups, blogs,  “lone wolves,” and a recalcitrant  cadre of Republican elected officials committed to one goal, that is, to “Stop Obama.” In this intensive campaign Mr. Obama was accused of being a “socialist,” unpatriotic, inexperienced in foreign, financial and economic policy, his social associations were questioned and his religious beliefs challenged.  He was also accused of being a Muslim because, as a youth, following his now deceased mother, he lived in Indonesia for a few years. Equally, when Mr. Obama visited his paternal homeland in Kenya he was dressed in traditional garb by the elders.

This “roots grounding” was misconstrued resulting in him being falsely accused of being a Muslim. In reality, Mr. Obama was sensitive to the role Muslims have played in the evolution of this country and Americas relationships with a global community consisting of more than one billion members. He did recognize there are members of the Muslim religion who are in conflict with America and Americans and are principals in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and comprise terrorists in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Nevertheless, as opposition mounted against Mr. Obama, his policies and efforts on behalf of the nation, his most potent weapon was being armed with the best advisers as well as an infectious and disarming  smile. Nevertheless, having thrown everything at Mr. Obama including the “kitchen sink,” which did not stick to his Teflon persona, a  “Birthers movement” emerged that several future Republican presidential political candidates and other political persons and elected officials began to articulate.

As the world watched unfolding developments and wondered about America’s progress, equality, racial prejudice and scorched earth politics, Michele  Bachman became an early “Birthers Advocate” who challenged the nationality of Mr. Obama, claiming he was not born in the United States, but Kenya.

Gregory Hollister, a retired United States Air Force Colonel was an early “Birthers advocate.” So too was Lou Dobbs, Sarah Palin, Phil Berg and Orly Taitz, “Queen of the Birthers.” 

However, very early, as this line of attack began to lose its luster, Ms. Bachman began to back away from such a questionable strategy. Equally, as other branches of the “Birthers Tree” manifested their multi-nefarious behaviors, a state senator from Texas mounted a campaign, in the “Birthers” vein, but even more sinister, to disqualify Mr. Obama from that state’s presidential ballot in the 2012 general elections.

This particular individual, when interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN’s AC 360 stated his case but everyone  could see the racial venom in that character, thank goodness the “loser lost!” Even Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana sponsored a bill that got nowhere. On the other hand, Arizona’s Governor vetoed a “Birthers Bill.” Seriously, if Mr. Obama was not a legal, native born citizen, he could not have gotten past Senator McCain and certainly Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, who turned around and championed his many efforts.

Still, as these factors manifested Mr. Obama remained steadfastly committed to addressing problems of economic and fiscal policy and practice, unemployment, housing and auto industries, clean air concerns, the environment, global warming, clean and practical energy, health care, equality in the workplace, educational standards with focus on remuneration and the need to provide state of the art infrastructure equipment and instruction, a well as other meaningful issues requiring presidential leadership in such areas as foreign affairs, the global economy, fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and combating Somali pirates a well as a myriad of issues, foreign and domestic.

In the Republican conspiracy against Democrats, the Presidency and the man Obama, having thrown everything including the kitchen sink to which Mr. Obama stepped aside, their “non-card-carrying” allies made an enormous issue of the president’s birth certificate. While Donald Trump has harbored strong feelings after running with this issue and remains unrepentant, he also made Rick Perry a disciple and recently a female New England state senator was “ slapped down” for trying to make an issue of this misguided belief. How stupid could people be; these members of a lunatic fringe! Unless there is a sinister motive driving this particular action.

Imagine! In a nation of laws, in Washington, DC, where you have the United States Supreme Court, the Legislative Body with its enormous powers, even the Secret Service who must protect him; to allow a non-citizen to become president is unthinkable! The President is Commander-n-Chief, commanding some of the world’s foremost general officers who follow his orders that put their juniors in harms way. These people, some of whom may not even like Mr. Obama for whatever reason;  to imagine they would blindly follow the orders of an illegal, is preposterous to contemplate.

About half a dozen years ago the “Sniper” terrorized the DC tri-state area. My daughter, resident in Maryland at the time told me, “Daddy, don’t come to your grandson’s birthday, because a sniper is terrorizing the DC area.” I was adamant that no sniper would keep me away from my grandson’s birthday! However, a not much noticed piece in a local paper indicated, at that time, there were some 42 security agencies that blanketed the Washington, DC area. We are often told “Justice is blind,” but at times she would take a peek from behind the blindfold! Are we to believe none of those security agencies would sneak a peek at Mr. Obama’s birth certificate!

So here we have Mr. Trump and his train of clown followers in their simple minded “fools errand” insulting the intelligence of the public with the “Birther nonsense.” It may very well be this is really a masked pathological hatred for the black man and his family in the White House. Surprise, they’re going to be there for another “four more  years!”

As Donald Trump manipulated gullible viewers on the airwaves with his “Birthers nonsense” and Michelle Bachman backed away realizing it was counter productive, the President kept a close eye observing  as the clowns got dressed in their over-sized shoes, baggy pants, colorful shirts, painted faces and even red noses and funny hats. As these narcissists enjoyed their colorful appearance in the mirror, Mr. Obama decided to release his birth certificate that a Republican administration in Hawaii had previously authenticated.  Still, Mr. Trump claimed a victory for having gotten Mr. Obama to surrender the document. This “winner” who claimed “I was leading in the polls” decided to drop out of the Republican  presidential contention. Yet, today though he claims to have “won” he still harbors claims the document is inauthentic.

In one of his songs, “Symptoms,” the late Trinidadian Calypsonian Lord Kitchener sang of a lady who offered “Mr. Kitchener I will predict either you are  sick or a lunatic.” Even more, the political cartoonist in the New York Daily News Bramhall is an interesting, sometimes, controversial, character who sometimes aggravates and sometimes amuses. Yet, right after Mr. Obama’s forces stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound and killed the master terrorist, Bramhall created a  cartoon showing Mr. Obama pointing at a display board, addressing uniformed troops at the ready with a caption that read, “The next compound you will raid is Trump Towers.”

Of course, Mr. Obama is too nice a guy to order such a move.  On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, Bramhall was at it again this time about the GOP Debate. He shows Mr. Trump enthroned high on a pedestal, and, not at their rostrum, Perry, Newt and Santorum are on all fours with face kissing the ground and a caption showing the ringmaster from his throne, asking “First question – Am I a great moderator or What?”

Some may argue this genuflecting is the first step in what John Huntsman denied he would do, such as “Kiss Trump’s Ring or any other part of his anatomy!” To make matters worse, just as several Republican candidates including Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney all have had recent audiences with Mr. Trump, that contrast with many Republicans who have shied away from Trump. Even the Republican Chairman Priebus has criticized “the Donald” for being a distracting sideshow. While Ron Paul and John Huntsman have spoken out about Donald Trump and the “Trump Debate” as they too declined to attend, Mitt Romney cited a scheduling conflict for his not participating. Seems the smart money is in running away from Donald Trump!

Meanwhile Mr. Trump, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room” has been shooting off his mouth, boasting of his many millions, calling Ron Paul a “fool” who could not get the nomination. He even took a shot at the President denying him credit for ending Osama bin Laden’s reign of terror. When Mr. Blitzer asked Mr. Trump if Mr. Obama has done anything good for the country, he studied long and could not name one good thing Mr. Obama has done for America. He seemed ignorant of the impact the rescue of the auto industry has had for American carmakers; that Wall Street began between 6,500-7,000 at the start of Mr. Obama’s administration and now tops 12,000 points.

We cannot underestimate the significance of the Lilly Ledbetter Law, efforts to create Jobs for Veterans, Credit Card Reform,  and so on, but Republicans have amnesia about these “Obama wins” for the American people. Either Mr. Trump is getting senile under that fancy hairdo of his, he is a liar or unable to know good from not good.  This “cult of denial” is a line from George Bush’s and Ron Paul’s playbook that is characteristic of Republican “Party of No” membership. Poor Donald Trump, as his circus sludge on the Ringmaster is more a joke than his circus show itself!

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