Donald Trump Warns Earthlings: Obama Is A Martian Alien

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[Black Star News Editorial]
would Donald Trump insist on saying that "there are many people" who
don't believe that President Barack Obama was not born in the United
States and that the birth certificate he provided is a forgery?  Sounds too strange to be true? But what if Donald Trump is not really an earthling at all? Why
can't Donald Trump have the right to believe that Obama is an alien too?
After all, there are also many people who believe that there are many
alien Martians who walk around and mingle with us every day. Maybe Trump knows something we don't know. He's trying to tell us Obama is an alien and instead of believing him, we ridicule him and laugh at him when the man is trying to warn us about a calamity that could end life on earth as we know it.

Martians board the subway trains with us everyday. They walk with us in Central
Park. They board airplanes with us. They serve us food at McDonald's and
coffee at Starbucks everyday. We just can't recognize these Martians
because these Martians have taken on a human form. One of them even occupies The White House, according to Trump!

Anyone could be a Martian. Especially Donald Trump, candidate Mitt Romney's new friend. Maybe Trump was also sent here to help with the conquest and he had a change of heart. Now he wants to expose Obama, the bad alien.

We ignore Trump's warnings about Obama at the risk of our own extinction. Trump believes that if Obama wins a second term he will invite his fellow Martians to earth to conquer all of us.

Trump isn't worried about his own safety. He would simply be beamed back up somewhere.
"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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