Don't Be So Sarcastic On Gun Debate

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[National Commentary: The Gun Debate]

It is sad that discourse sometime degrades into name calling no matter the side.

While your concerns about proliferation "Gun Violence; America Needs A Surge Like Iraq," may be genuine, it would seem fair to say that your response to the vindictive concerns posted "Hands Off My Guns! Gun Supporters Abuse Black Star News Editorial," wasn’t entirely without sarcasm and disdain.

Writing off someone’s argument because you don’t care for the way they express themselves doesn’t say much for your understanding and acceptance of people’s differences. I too prefer people not be rude but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say. One need only show up at any political rally to find someone (often more than just a few) that is on your side but expresses their feelings with such virulence that you wish they were on the other side.

I would offer a couple of thoughts that you might consider before you write off all the "gun nuts" out there. As to states and local governments making up their own laws where the 2nd Amendment is concerned, this was precisely what was being done by the southern states after the Civil War and why the 14th Amendment was added to the Constitution. You don’t really want to go back to that do you?

Bad people do bad things. This is true now as it has been throughout history. The tools they choose to use change but the intention is the same. Remove one tool and they will find another. The latest example would be the Dutch man using his car to kill five people while attempting to assassinate Dutch royalty.

A corollary to that thought concerns those that are most vulnerable, the elderly and women come to mind. What are they supposed to do when someone breaks into their homes? How about just ordinary people that don’t spend years preparing for self defense situations? A handgun is the best tool for that job.

One final thought, those that seek to enslave first disarm. Doesn’t matter if your black or white or tan, Jew or Christian or Muslim. Those that would do you harm first want to make sure you cannot defend yourself.

No guns would be needed at Walden’s Pond; however, I don’t believe there is currently enough room there for all of us.

I truly hope you never have need for a gun (and not have one). If you hear the window break in your child’s bedroom late at night what will be your response? I have an answer, do you?


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