Duke Case: Don’t Play Race Card

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Re: Abandoning The Duke Victim (published on blackstarnews.com). The shameful revelations of the Duke Rape Case confirms what we collectively ignored in the Michael Jackson case - high profile cases are extremely vulnerable to political exploitation by over--zealous Prosecutors out to make a name for themselves by any means necessary. 

In both cases the media was played like a violin to maximize the public profile of the prosecutors, with little if any regard for due process of law, which believe it or not is still a constitutional right unless you are kidnapped and taken to Guantanamo Bay of course.

Our Congress needs to intercede immediately with new federal legislation that makes it a class A felony crime to withhold exculpatory evidence, punishable by a mandatory five year prison term; eliminate the veil of protection from civil suits and make prosecutors personally liable for false prosecutions; and, make all states responsible for reimbursing the legal fees and lost income of citizens falsely accused and/or acquitted of crimes. 

People wrongly accused are every bit as much as a victim as the actual victim of the crime itself and should be compensated accordingly. A person’s reputation is almost priceless in this world.

Society needs competent prosecutors to be sure. But this job title carries more responsibility than any corporate CEO, since not only the victims of crimes and their families rely on their skills for justice, but those wrongly accused and their families must rely on their integrity, ethics, and sense of honor for exoneration.

What Mike Nifong perpetrated against these kids and their parents is despicable and a disgrace to decent prosecutors everywhere. Inserting and exploiting the inflammatory race card was especially abhorrent. 

He has ruined careers and reputations of innocent people and disbarment is not nearly punishment enough. He has proven to be morally bankrupt, violated the public trust and needs to be prosecuted for his actions, which I believe to be criminal. 

We the people should settle for nothing less or we will be silently
condoning orchestrated prosecutions for ulterior motives.


Publisher’s Note: We notice that this writer makes no mention of the woman who alleged she was violated. Does he really believe those lacrosse players wanted to discuss philosophy or Camus with her? Very sad omission. Just because Nifong may have acted unprofessionally does that automatically mean that nothing happened that night? The race card is when a Black woman alleging violation at the hands of white men cannot get a fair day in court Mr. Gorcyca.


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