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[On The Spot]

There must be immediate action taken in the aftermath of the disgraceful cartoon placed in the New York Post, whose words clearly trespasses against the first amendment of the constitution.

This is Black History Month and every community that feels this cartoon has no place in any book or publication should demand that the New York Post not be brought into the community. My daughters called me utterly outraged; my niece called me from out of town, and I had to put a young man I overheard in the store referring to "this racist dude in the post," back on track. I will not print what he was saying.

"As a community of righteous people we must keep our focus on the future and not be distracted by those that choose to keep us physiologically chained and enslaved by attempting to promote undisciplined reactions and emotions from us," Eddie Graham, from Long Island told me, when I decided to get some reaction. "We exercise collective economic liberation every time we chose not to purchase the New York Post."

Let’s stop talking and start acting. Now’s the time to bolster our own media outlets, including The Black Star News.

I have already informed the store owners in my neighborhood that if they continue to keep the New York Post in their place of business they no longer will have my business. I have asked everyone I know to do the same. When you see the New York Post on the rack – go to another store.

We’re never going to change the minds of every racist in this country. But if they happen to be business people who depend on others to stay in business in times like these – they do not deserve to be in business. I had to walk five blocks to find The Post and see the cartoon. No, I was not going to spend one cent in support of this divisive publication.

The cartoon was disgraceful and the Post’s Editor-in-Chief, Col Allan, failed to take charge and say "no, this is not right." Maybe because he has a high tolerance to feed racism.

Allan and cartoonist, Sean Delonas, did not take this pet’s life into consideration or the grieving owner, Sandra Herold. As someone who just lost a pet I have lived with for over a decade, I know tonight Ms. Herold feels the same way; as if she lost a family member.

Delonas is not funny and calling him a cartoonist is questionable. He is someone who has been given the green light to disrespect the president of the United States in the worst way. The sad part, to poke fun at police officers who were called on to do a job, is tasteless. To go as far as to use one of the cops to say in his own words, "They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill," makes Delonas a coward and Allan, the editor, a fool.

The chimpanzee named Travis was sick. For some unknown reason, he attacked his owner’s friend, Charla Nash, causing her much pain, for which he was destroyed. Allan and Delonas attacked a whole race of people – what should we do to them?

Contact Winkfield for his consideration regarding covering your own story: (347) 632-2272 By mail: On The Spot, Post Office Box 230149, Queens County 11423; Email: Bsnonthespot@aol.com or milton@blackstarnews.com; call (212) 481-7745. Together we can get the justice everyone just talks about.

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