Egypt's Army Sides With The People In Tahrir Square

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Reports from Egypt are that the the Supreme Military council has met without President Hosni Mubarak, the "commander in chief," in attendance.

This in effect suggest that Mubarak's presidency is a thing of the past.

The Military commander of Cairo, where the massive protests have occurred --demonstrations have now spread to other parts of the City-- told demonstrators in Tahrir square: "All your demands will be met today." President Mubarak is supposed to address the nation on TV tonight although there are reports that he may have already left Cairo; or even the country.

He could obviously make a live address or broadcast taped remarks.

Things in Egypt were heading in that direction. During an appearance on Sunday on Gary Byrd's Radio Show at 9PM, The Black Star News's publisher said the Army may indeed step into the power void. It had became obvious this would happen especially when the Obama Administration sent mixed signals to the Egyptian people.

While President Obama had said Mubarak should start the transition "now," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials indicated that Mubarak remain in office until September to preside over the transition. This gave Mubarak the idea that he had U.S. support.  That's why Vice President Omar Suleiman yesterday said Egyptians were not yet ready for democracy. He accused the demonstrators of insulting Egypt before the entire world and blamed journalists for instigating the protests.

On the other hand, the protestors were unyielding in their desire for the president to go. There was a stalemate. The Army was caught in the middle. The Army now seems to have sided with the people of Egypt. The Army should not stay in office but only guide the transition which should be steered by civilians.

Dictators in other African countries must beware.

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