Elasea: From Fela! To Jazz At Iridium

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After a year’s run in the Tony Award hit FELA!, Elasea now returns to the stage in concert at the Iridium Jazz Club in Times Square on January 14th.

Featuring songs from her upcoming debut album “Rainbow Heart,” Elasea fuses Jazz, R&B, NeoSoul and House all to create a mix of colors--her own sound.

Bringing a message of inspiration, honesty and artistry in her performance, the night is promises to be more than a concert but an experience, Elasea's fans say. “Elasea is the personification of vocal excellence coupled with beauty and a heart of gold,” says Perth Phillips, a New York-based producer.

“Elasea’s voice will capture you and never let go,” adds Brett Roman Williams, a Philadelphia-based screenwriter.

The performance is billed “A Night of Reflections--Elasea in Concert.” The  Iridium Jazz is located at 1650 Broadway, at 51st Street, in Manhattan. Tickets are $20; $10 Food and Drink Minimum.

Doors open at 11:45pm Concert at Midnight.

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