Excellent Report On Ludacris

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Re: Ludacris: Celebrates Africa Image (blackstarnews.com June 19, 2005). I'm from Uganda, and I too was pleasantly surprised when I saw Ludacris' video a few weeks ago. He portrayed Africa in a positive light, unlike the often negative material that we are bombarded with on the news. And for him to have actually flown there and put his money where his mouth is totally changes my opinion of him.

Prior to this he was just another gangster rapper talking about booty and ho's, but when his video started with this Zulu sitting out on the African plains, I knew this was going to be different. And then when he pulled up and spoke to this gentleman in Swahili, I excitedly called out to my wife to come and see a rap video shot in Africa.

In short, it was a very well done video, enough to make any self-respecting African proud of his heritage. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. Indeed, when one has not been to Africa, one doesn't know much about Africa.
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