Fight For Abubadika Carson

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There will be a showdown at City Hall on Wednesday, May 9, but the issue is larger than adding Sonny Abubadika Carson’s name to signposts along a four block stretch on Gates Avenue in Brooklyn. 

This was the consensus of the speakers at UAM’s forum on Wednesday, May 2. The speakers included New York City Councilman Al Vann, Rev. Herbert Oliver, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and yours truly.         

Among other things, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has threatened all “minority” members of the New York City Council with receiving no crumbs if they vote for Carson on May 9. This is her prerogative in the Democratic Party.       

The annual municipal budget is up for her review. All “minority” members had to vote for Al “blackface” Jolson to avoid the dog house. His name will be hoisted on a municipal street or building. Will Quinn decrease the budget of the Queens district attorney’s office?         

We are headed back to the plantation through plantation politics. In the meantime, we are denouncing the hip-hop industry while giving Quinn a pass and Don Imus immunity. This is a protection racket. Last night, I identified Black preachers and politicians as pimps with immunity. 

I wrote Quinn a letter today. It asserted that some of us do not parade around with “for sale signs” on our rear ends. These are the “nappy-headed hos” and most of them are Black males and house Negroes. An attack on the hip-hop industry, for example, is simply sidetracking us from the real issue. These civil rights mercenaries are using us to shake down record companies while leading us on a wild goose chase.

I have given Quinn a warning in the words of Malcolm X, “the ballot or the bullet.” She will make her move inside City Hall on May 9 while we will be standing with any courageous member of the New York City Council in and around City Hall. This will either be our “Declaration of Independence” or our “Middle Passage II.”

See New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s letter at

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