Fox News’ Racist Rants

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[Editorial: Elections 2008]

We mustn’t allow any swift boating to determine the outcome of this year’s presidential election.

That’s why Fox News must be confronted swiftly and decisively whenever it injects racism and irrational fears into the campaign. There’s currently a petition drive to denounce Fox News’ recent characterizations of Michelle Obama, Senator Barack Obama’s well-polished and accomplished wife as an “angry Black woman,” simply because she speaks her mind.

Readers must support this campaign.

First there was the gross distortion of Michelle Obama’s remarks; she said she was for the first time in her adult life proud of her country, not just because Senator Obama was doing well in the primaries, but because the nation was ready for change.

This statement was distorted by Fox and right-wing spinmaster who would rather maintain the status quo –racism, sexism, big-corporate economic dominance, and Bush/Cheney regime kleptocracy—to mean that Michelle Obama had never ever been proud of her country, and that she believed the U.S. was “mean” and that she was an “angry Black woman.”
Utter falsehoods and distortions.

Racist fundamentalist Bill O’Reilly even spoke of a “lynch mob” and Michelle Obama in the same context. What goes around comes around. Any ill will that this demented hatemonger wishes upon Michelle Obama should befall O’Reilly ten times more severely.

Then, following Senator Obama’s hard-fought victory in the Democratic primaries, the hate, the ignorance, and elitism was once again exposed. The fist-bump, an endearing greeting that Black folk, including children, use on a regular basis, suddenly, in the view of some Fox News analysts, became a “terrorist” fist-bump.

These clueless, ignoramuses don’t know anything about the country that they live in and don’t appreciate the hatred they foment. Black folk, historically, despite the neglect and violence meted against them –including the lynching that O’Reilly cavalierly speaks of have been the most loyal people in these United States.

Black folk fought in the civil war and both world wars, the Korean War, in Vietnam and subsequent wars even while enduring racist segregation and oppression. They have yet to see the promised 40 acres and a mule.

Barack Obama is trying a new approach. He’s essentially saying that there might be a time to redress the many historical wrongs; but right now, we can’t allow the political paralysis that has gripped this nation to continue.

So to question the patriotism of a leading candidate and his wife, simply because they are Black, is totally unacceptable—especially coming from ignorant elitists who live cushy lives.

Go to the following link and sign the petition denouncing Fox News’ racist attacks against Michelle Obama and by extension, candidate Barack Obama.

The petition:


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