George Bush's Gift To The World

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[Black Star News Editorial]

We have found something to thank George Bush for, and his disastrous Republican Administration of the last eight years. Bush must be congratulated.

He accomplished what Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., could not accomplish. Bush as president was so terrible --plunging the nation into the disastrous Iraq war and destroying the U.S. economy and its global power and respectability-- that millions of Americans were able to transcend the racism peddled by media and stereotypes passed through generations, even if it was temporarily, to elect a Black man as President.

This is no small accomplishment.

Certainly, it was Obama's own intelligence, wisdom, charisma, and calm serenity, that won him the election.

Yet, as recent as four decades ago, Black people were not allowed to vote in the South and could not enter most restaurants. There are still country clubs in the United States with exclusively Whites Only membership. So Bush helped pave the way; he created such a mess that Americans were forced to listen to what Obama was saying and not dismiss him simply for his color. That's what Dr. King had always envisioned.

So today, the White House is occupied by a Black President; a man who also happens to be one of the most intelligent persons in the world, as he demonstrated throghout the president primaries, eventually defeating Hillary Clinton and then John McCain. Bush has shown to Americans, unwittingly, that by maintaining the color bar all these years, the nation had denied itself the leadership it deserved by narrowing the pool from which presidents were selected; this applies also to discrimination against women in this country.

Who knows how many Barack Obamas or Hillary Clintons were prevented from the top leadership position in this country due to discrimination.

Certainly, Martin Luther King, Jr., could have been an excellent president.

Normal societal progression, accompanied with education, new methods of communication, and political alliances, would have eventually led to the emergence of a Barack Obama. Bush, through his incompetence, just condensed the time frame.

Moreover, Obama's election has helped lift the yoke of inferiority complexes that have weighed heavy upon the shoulders of millions of Black people allover the world; which complexes were created and maintained by false and discriminatory media narratives. As a result, in African countries for example, citizens are becoming less tolerant of woeful dictators, judging by conversation online or in newspapers there.

Here in the U.S., now that the door has been opened, the pool from which to choose leadership --at all stages of American government-- has been tremendously widened.

It can only help this great country. Thank you very much George Bush.

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