GOP Agenda: Keep ‘em Ignorant While We Count $Millions

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The Republican Party is a coalition of three separate constituencies with confluent interests.

The first group is made up of traditional conservatives. These are highly patriotic Americans who believe in limited government, the primacy of the people over government, and fiscal responsibility. But the other two groups that have coalesced within the GOP are much more malevolent - international business interests, and social bigots.

It is the former of these two, international business, which controls the GOP. It's made up of highly educated individuals with huge resources and plenty of clout - and they use every bit of their resources and clout to manipulate what has become their citizen army - the social bigots. The social bigots are the people we see armed to the teeth at presidential speeches, disrupting town hall meetings, and fighting against their own interests. In short, these are the Joe the Plumbers of the world.

While the traditional conservatives are legitimately concerned about the direction of the country and assuring that the nation remains fiscally sound, big business could care less about the condition of the American people, because for the most part, they've become international in scope. That should be clear to anyone with eyeballs, considering how they first, created an economic crisis in this country, then used the very crisis that they created to gouge the American people.

So all big business is concerned about is making money at our expense, and more often than not, to our detriment. These are the very same people who have gouged America dry, given themselves huge bonuses, then rented post office boxes in other countries to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

And if that isn't bad enough, these corporations then used the very money that they avoided in taxes to buy politicians, who are suppose to be representing us, to feather their nest even further. They also use the incredible wealth that they've managed to maintain, again, thanks to our tax dollars, to clog our airwaves with propaganda in order to incite every undereducated social bigot within earshot to near insurrection. They use these people to distract us from examining the true issues that would serve to protect us from their greed.

And the social bigots are easy targets - not only because they have less than a tenuous grasp on reality, but in many cases, they're willing stooges. These are not true victims. Due to their bigotry - and I don't mean simply racial bigotry, but bigotry against anyone who doesn't happen to share their beliefs - and anger over losing the last election, they're willing to accept any manner of nonsense disseminated about the government, and President Obama in particular. Due to that blind anger they're perfectly willing to not only accept the most blatant nonsense, but they're also willing to cut their own throats, and that of their families, if it means striking a blow in the name of hatred.

Take the issue of socialism, for example. Shouldn't even the most misguided idiot understand that there's a big difference between the government taking over the free enterprise system, as opposed to protecting its citizens from the predatory business practices and greed of large corporations?

Even after being told by Wendell Potter, whistle-blower against the insurance industry and former chief spokesman for Cigna Healthcare, in testimony before congress that "I saw how they confuse their customers and dump the sick—all so they can satisfy their Wall Street investors."  These social bigots are trying to demonize a man who's placed his presidency on the line to try to protect their families.

Potter went on to testify, of the insurance industry,  that, "The thing they fear most is a single-payer plan. They fear even the public insurance option being proposed; they'll pull out all the stops they can to defeat that to try to scare people into thinking that embracing a public health insurance option would lead down the slippery slope toward socialism ... Putting a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor. They've used those talking points for years, and they've always worked."

As I've pointed out in previous articles, some things are just too important to our society to be left to for-profit business interests. Those things include police, fire, national defense, and public healthcare.

I've also invited the reader to try to imagine calling the police to report your daughter being raped or kidnapped and the police informing you that they were sorry but there was nothing they could do - your daughter just turned 18, so she's no longer covered in your rape or kidnap policy.

That's exactly what's happening to hundreds of thousands of people regarding their health-care. They'll pay their premiums for twenty-five years, then after coming down with an ailment that the insurance company considers prohibitively expensive, the insurance company suspends their coverage. A prime example of that is the young woman who came down with cancer, then the insurance company denied her coverage because she failed to report that she had acne as a child.

Without a public option to take away the insurance companies' monopoly, they can make coverage so expensive that any other laws that we pass will be meaningless. Let's say that we pass a law saying that it is illegal to deny coverage for pre-existing illnesses. The insurance industry can say, okay, we'll cover you, but it's gonna cost $800 a month, and you've got to pay for 55% of your treatment.

That's why the industry is fighting so hard against a public option. They don't want the people to have any place else to go. If we have a government option that sets the price of healthcare at a reasonable rate, the industry can't inflate their prices to make us pay for those $30 million executive bonuses. If they did, they'd lose all of their business. They want us locked in and mandated by law to purchase health insurance, and have nowhere to go but to them.

The price of healthcare is going up several times faster than wages, and it has been estimated that it will cost the average person $24,000 a year for health insurance in the next seven years. That's 41% of the average salary. That will not only be a tremendous hardship on the individual, but a severe drag on the economy, since businesses won't hire new people because they can't afford to provide employee healthcare.

So the GOP sees defeating healthcare reform as a win-win proposition.

It will keep the American people traumatize due to the lack of affordable healthcare, sabotage President Obama's efforts to revitalize the economy, and also appease their true constituents, the insurance industry - all of which will help them to regain power.

Thus, the GOP is using its social bigots to disrupt society in order to protect America's moral obligation to allow Wall Street to cut our throats - yet, again.

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