Haiti Needs A National Reclamation Government

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[Global: Haiti Editorial]

Haiti Needs National Recovery Government To Withstand Foreign Intrigue

You know things are bad when Jean Claude Duvalier believes it's safe enough for him to venture to Haiti--obviously with French acquiesence if not U.S. involvement. You also know things are very bad when much of Haiti merely yawns when Duvalier steps off the plane and holes up in a hotel in the capital.

Haiti has been so beaten down that Duvalier is the last of their priorities at the moment.

Ironically, even as Duvalier, who looks clearly gravely ill is allowed into the country, albeit now charged for his past crimes, Haiti's last legitimate president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, remains exiled in South Africa, illegally deprived of a passport, and barred by the United States and France from returning to Haiti.

If ever a country needed a popular uprising --similar to what recently occurred in Tunisia-- then it's clearly Haiti. The country is currently in political comatose and remain so even after the recent "elections" are sorted out.

Haiti needs a national unity government with a huge mandate. It can ill afford political division and disunity at this time of national crisis. No one political faction can deal with Haiti's woes--the foreign imposed poverty and misery; not to mention the recently foreign introduced disease such as cholera.

The calamity that befell Haiti last year, an earthquake that levelled much of the capital city, killed more than 300,000 people and left more than a million without homes, brought widespread suffering, misery, horrors, and despair. In the aftermath, Haiti's political impotence was exposed to the entire world when the national government of the ineffectual Rene Preval --he is more suited to being an economics professor-- disappeared from view.

Preval was unable to rise to the occasion--similarly, the candidates who contested in the recent elections won't be able to deliver. The task is beyond the scope of a few individuals who are simply salivating to be "president."

Haiti needs national unity and reclamation--only then can it embark on the road to recovery of its independence and sovereignty, prerequisites for economic and social development. Only then can it kick out the malicious and destructive American and French intervention that keeps Haiti mired in poverty and economic backwardness. It needs a government that represents the interests of the grassroots and the deprived vast majority.

There are millions of people around the world --the U.S. and French governments don't represent global opinion-- who would help Haitians if they seek to form a national inclusive unity government with a pro-Haitian agenda.

Where are the enlightened Haitians, at home and in Diaspora, who could mobilize the grass roots and throw out those who want Haiti to remain a blot on the conscience of humanity? Who will spark the Tunisian solution in Haiti?

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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