Hands Off My Guns! Gun Supporters Abuse Black Star News Editorial

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Judging by the virulent nature of the responses to our editorial "Gun Violence; America Needs a Surge Like Iraq" there are clearly many violent people out there.

We wonder where they live. We have even been accused of being racist; sexists; and Nazis. Rather than engage in debate, we have been abused. Just consider the sampling, all barely submitted within 24 hours after we posted our editorial on Saturday.

"These articles are criminal," states poster Jeronimo. He or she continues: "You are a silly little propagandist puppet. Who will protect you should you be at the end of a criminals barrel. You'll be dead you Nazi!"

These are not kind words from Jeronimo; we would not feel safe around him or her.

"The Supreme Court said police are under no obligation to provide protection to individuals," he or she adds. "What bad journalism. Research shows that state with tighter gun control laws suffer from higher rates of violent crime." What research? His or her own?

"I don't own a gun, but the more I hear about the debate, the more I side with the gun nuts," states another poster. "Looking at the disastrous historical consequences of disarmament, one cannot think that voluntary disarmament is a good idea (not without mountains of illogical fact fudging). If one were to suspend judgment and entertain both sides stoically, one would invariably conclude that disarmament is a bad idea. I guess the reason for not studying history is so that people can write articles such as yours...."

Is it coincidence that the gun aficionados are all talking about "research" and "studies"? Or are these supposedly random postings not very random and being coordinated from somewhere?

Then Mike Vanderboegh interjects with the following: "What sort of moron forgets the essential lessons of the history of his people within one generation? Answer: liberal American Jews and liberal African-Americans. Do you really think that the Holocaust would have been stopped by more disarmament on the part of European Jews? Do you really think that the Deacons for Defense and Justice could have faced off the Klan and the racist local and state law enforcement that they controlled with frigging tulips in their hands singing Kum-by-yah?"

Bonnet submitted a long posting and we will only pick out a few items from it:

"If all guns were instantly gone, innocents would still be hurt and/or killed by autos, bats, bicycles, boats, chemicals, dark, drugs, glass, heights, knives, motorcycles, swords, tools, poisons, and yes, even water .Accidents, criminal activity and suicides are the reasons gun activists want to ban guns. Before there were any guns on earth, there were accidents crimes and suicides. Historical accounts abound. The Torah, Bible, Koran and Talmud recount such, as do myriads of other ancient documents. The anti-handguns argument degrades to become only guesses about what the results would be if all handguns disappeared. Guns are not going to go away. There are too many of them. Worldwide. If guns did go away, they would be swiftly created anew, and by the millions."

Bonnet adds, "Stop trying to ban guns. It is a naive and fruitless endeavor. The argument that the Constitution applies only to Federal laws, and each State or locality can make any laws they wish regarding the right to keep and bear arms, is foolish. It takes away the rights of the people of this country and makes each State or locality a Country unto itself. We fought the Revolutionary and Civil Wars over such rights. Think about this: many violent crimes are or could be PREVENTED by handguns in the hands of good people. Ask those who have done so. Ask victims if they wished there had been a gun to protect them."

We disagree with Bonnet: On the whole, we believe, society would be better off without the proliferation of weapons. If all of us --whether here in the U.S. or in Iraq-- acted out every time we felt like killing someone and had a handgun to do so—we'd be well on our way to assured annihilation.

If we don't act now about this proliferation, we'll approach that path.

Poster Bill accused us of being friends of criminals in his posting.
"I firmly believe that the people who propose gun control support and abet criminal activity," he claims. "What better way to make the life of crime and assault easier and more comfortable than to make sure you will not encounter an armed citizen unwilling to be a weak victim. Gun control is good for criminal safety during the execution of a crime."

"The surge in Iraq was, in effect, all about putting guns in the hands of the good guys, and letting them pursue the wicked and defend the helpless," opines djMoore. "Why then are you calling for guns to be taken from the hands of the good guys, We The People, ordinary, decent, law abiding American citizens, while letting the wicked run rampant? Where and when have criminals ever obeyed the law, however draconian?"

djMoore, we ask you; who determines who the "good guy" is and who is the "bad guy"? That scholarly looking man –like that professor in Atlanta yesterday—could tomorrow, because it is so easy to acquire a hand gun, become the bad guy; the mass murderer.

"A Black Man with a gun is....Equal," claims poster Peter. "One hundred and sixty years ago, Black folk lived on plantations and were kept under the thumb of their so-called betters. Part of that was being disarmed. Today, Black folk live in projects and inner-city neighborhoods and are kept under the thumb of their so-called betters. You're still disarmed. Do you really think that you're better off now than you were then? A Black man with a gun is Equal. Never forget that!"

That’s what’s been missing all these years? We were under the impression that there were already enough guns in the so-called inner-city neighborhoods.

Jerry Jones claims, "Your article should have been titled, ‘Speaking Lies to Enslave.’ Your complete lack of historical knowledge, combined with willful ignorance is breathtaking. Gun control is RACIST!"

We are beginning to see beyond a theme here.

Then Scott M adds: "Aside from the racism, sexism and classism involved in your Utopian dreams you forget that the main point of the 14th amendment was to allow recently freed Blacks the right to keep and bear arms and the rest of the Bill of Rights. Why would you propose the same thing that the Klan did in the late 1800s? Why would you want to disarm the innocent 80 million who never commit a crime with their 270 some million firearms?"

Now we are convinced these postings are being coordinated.

So one thing is abundantly clear. Those who support the proliferation of guns are well organized and well coordinated.

Not a single posting came from people who support gun control. For a long time, the gun lobby will continue to carry the day in this country.

Please post your comments online. If they are long submit them to milton@blackstarnews.com

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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