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[Black Star News Editorial]

The more you get to know about Herman Cain, the more you tend to believe the women's allegations that he sexually harrassed them.

That Herman Cain, by some polls, is the leading Republican presidential candidates' field does not say much about his attributes or his suitability as president of the United States. It speaks more about the desperation of a political party so determined to regain the White House, and also so reluctant to embrace Mitt Romney, a Mormon and an alleged flip-flopper who initiated comprehensive healthcare coverage and once was pro-choice, that it's willing to ignore mounting evidence that Cain does not respect women.

If there were any remaining doubts that Herman Cain is totally insensitive when it comes to women, his response to a remark by a supporter who inquired about Anita Hill -- "Is she going to endorse me?" Cain said-- should dispel such reservations.

Herman Cain's tasteless response to the supporter came just days after he had held a press conference to deny allegations by two women who have now stepped forward to publicly recount their claims that he had sexually harrassed them.

The accusers --one had worked with him and the other, Sharon Bialek, said she was seeking help to secure a job when Cain committed his alleged transgression.  Bialek's allegations border on an attempted sexual attack; she claims Cain groped her genitals while pulling her head towards his crotch, as he was driving her to her hotel. When she objected, she claims he said, "You want a job, right?"

Herman Cain initially made a blanket denial when Politico first reported that at least two female co-workers, while he was President of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) had filed formal complaints against him that were settled, for almost $80,000. He also claims that he does not even know Bialek.

He has warned that more claimants may step forward but only because the "Democrat machine" is determined to derail his presidential run; he had earlier blamed candidate Rick Perry's team for an alleged "smear" campaign.

He now tops it all with his mind-boggling remark about Anita Hill. Herman Cain seems more suitable to lead a raunchy fraternity house.

Cain is not ready for prime time. Hopefully, this will become evident to even his most dedicated supporters, sooner rather than later.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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