Herman Cain: Sexual Harrasment or Black Stereotype?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Just a few weeks ago, Black Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was jeering and laughing at African Americans.

He claimed that, collectively, all 40 million were "brainwashed." That's why they never considered voting for conservatives and always voted Democratic.

Never mind that his conservative friends, since they embraced the Southern Strategy, have invariably played the race card to gain political office. Thereafter, they pursued policies hostile to African American communities, including: massive cuts in social spending, cuts in education spending, and cuts in public employment, while cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Herman Cain also taunted African Americans, saying racism was no longer a major problem in this country. Meanwhile, he's been peddling his 9-9-9 tax plan, which by all accounts, will result in the poor paying higher taxes relative to the wealthy.

Cain's candidacy continued to soar in the polls. He became the leading Republican candidate.  He even imagined that he had become an honorary White man; and he lashed out more at those "Black folk." He was in fact "not African American" he declared.

Welcome to the United States of America, Herman. You are a Black Man. You now face the Neutron bomb for African Americans males in this country. To be accused --whether one is innocent or guilty-- of sexual harassment.

It will be very hard for Cain, especially, if his alleged victims were White women; but regardless of the race of the alleged victims, Cain's conservative friends will dump him if more revelations expose him as a liar. Were there other cases that were never settled?

The Pizza Man allegedly sexually harassed at least two women --co workers-- during the 1990s, including making an unwanted sexual advance. The alleged victims were reportedly paid "five figure sums." The women signed confidentiality agreements before leaving as Cain's co-workers -- he was the head of the National Restaurants Association.

The news broke in Politico on Sunday. It's now been carried by several major news outlets.

Cain has not helped his own cause. Initially, he simply refused to answer questions by a Politico reporter who asked if he had ever sexually harassed someone. But the questions continued, from multiple media outlets.

When Cain was later asked whether he had ever settled the sexual harassment charges, he said he was "unaware" of any settlement. He maintained this position even when he addressed reporters at the National Press Club. He claimed that if there had been payment he hoped it was "not much" since he had not done anything.

Yet, later on, during a PBS interview, Cain conceded that he had been aware of an "agreement" but that he did not believe that was the same thing as a "settlement." So candidate Cain --until Sunday, the so-called Straight Talker-- was now borrowing Bill Clinton jargon; it depends on what is, is.

He also claimed that the only thing he could recall that could even remotely be considered as questionable was when he compared a female co-worker's height to his wife's.  Why, of course, we believe you Herman Cain.

There are some people who have already pointed out that the sexual harassment story --whether Cain did engage in harassment or not-- was offered to Politico by Cain's political rivals for the Republican nomination. These other major contestants are Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Michelle Bachman. It's any one's guess who might have tipped off Politico.

Given Cain's shifting explanation, it's possible that this story will get uglier in the days ahead.

Cain is now getting a taste of what millions of Black men endure. The stereotype of the Black man as a sexual predator. Certainly, accusations of a Black man engaging in acts of sexual harassment is not the same as when such accusations are made against a White man.

Cain may today wish in his heart that he was not so rude, crude and obnoxious when referring to and insulting African Americans the other day.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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