Hero Seventh Grader Honored

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As Council Member James Sanders pointed out, society is always quick to catch youth doing wrong. But it’s equally important, he believes, to catch them when they’re doing right and to give them recognition for that as well.

To that end, Sanders and other members of the New York City Council honored Seventh Grader Justice Ramel Gaines for his tremendous heroism when, without hesitation, he pulled a Fourth Grade teacher from the path of an oncoming school bus. As the City Council proclamation states, “True heroism is the rarest of qualities, which everyone recognizes and no one can explain. It is the result of exceptional character meeting the demands of extraordinary circumstances.�

This was evident when Justice Gaines, a student at PS 225 in Far Rockaway, Queens, spotted teacher Marge Callahan unknowingly walking straight into the path of an approaching school bus. Reacting quickly, he pulled her from danger before she even realized what was happening.

The bus driver was shaken up and extremely grateful to Justice for his valor. He stated that if it hadn’t been for Justice’s quick action, there most surely would have been tragedy, for he would not have been able to stop or swerve before striking Callahan. Despite the presence of several dozen people in the immediate area, Justice was the only one with the presence of mind to react to the impending calamity.

Speaker Gifford Miller told the young man, “We are proud of you and proud of your quick reaction in thinking of other people. We know it's a great thing, not only for your school and your community, but it's a good sign for the very bright future you have ahead of you.� Justice accepted the proclamation with his mother Sharain Gaines, his sister Shquanna Monk and Baby Essence at his side. He thanked his family, teachers, the Council members and all the people who were there to support him.

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