Hillary Clinton’s Own Watergate?

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[Black Star News Editorial]


Is there another Watergate scandal in the air?

In an interview on WHYY radio on Monday, Bill Clinton claimed that it was Senator Barack Obama’s campaign that played the race card by distorting remarks he’d made about Jesse Jackson in 1988 having also won the South Carolina primaries.

According to Clinton, there were Obama campaign memos to prove that the Illinois senator used race-baiting as a strategy.

Clinton, may have opened Pandora's box. Two critical questions arise.

Was Clinton lying when he claimed the existence of such memos? This would be bad; but something totally to be expected from a Clinton. But there is an even bigger question with possible criminal implications.

If such memos do exist, and if they are about internal Obama campaign strategy, how would Clinton know about the presumably confidential memos? Do the Clinton’s have a dirty tricks team akin to the late Richard Nixon’s? Nixon’s team was involved in many shady deeds, including breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in 1972. Do the Clintons have people within the Obama campaign stealing information about strategy? 



When Senator Clinton was repeatedly asked about what her husband meant yesterday before the Pennsylvania voting, she pointedly deflected the questions, just like she’s refused to say how she feels about her husband having pardoned two members of the Weather Underground.

Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign have a few questions to answer. Let’s see how Senator Clinton dodges these bullets.


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