Hillary Clinton And White Supremacy

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[Elections 2008]

There was once a time when Black people were killed for knowing how to read and write because Blacks could never, under any circumstance, realize that White people were using, demeaning, and abusing them for the sole purpose of White upward mobility; that is, the jig is up and Blacks would then aspire to want a lifestyle as good as Whites.

Yes, yes there has been progress, but has real change really occurred?

Pre-1960's, the term "Uppity Negroes" was widely used to describe "colored" people who had education, intelligence, status, influence, and material wealth; furthermore, had enough self-worth as a human being to attain the same standard of living as well-off White people.

Well, today with all the racial overtones used in this presidential election of a Black man versus a White woman to become the Democratic party’s nominee for 2008, the word "boy" has been uttered to describe an adult male African-American Harvard Law School graduate, and phrases like "rolling the dice" and "clean and articulate" are used to stir up stereotypical images; plus, there was Bill Clinton comparing Obama’s South Carolina accomplishments to Jesse Jackson's win there earlier.

These were clear instances of references to alleged White Supremacy.

On the contrary, with all the supposed discrimination against White women, I'm not seeing the same line of demeaning terms describing Hillary Clinton’s gender coming from the Obama camp or anywhere else.

Also, consider the media’s role: On every station, all day, again and again, the airwaves have been bombarded with Obama's "bitter" remarks, describing people he said were angered by the loss of their jobs as industries disappeared. These are people who have unfairly fallen victim to today's economic failures.

This latest psychological trick intends to remind Whites that Blacks are supposed to stay behind Whites. Using this perverted logic, Barack Obama is nothing more than an irritating Uppity Negro, looking down on hardworking good White folks who have less than he has, which is most untrue.

After all, Barack Obama's momma was good hard-working White folk. Unlike, the $109 million dollar the Clintons amassed, and Mrs. Cindy McCain's $100 million dollar inheritance, Barack and Michelle Obama earned a meager $900,000 in 2007, their biggest income to date. Finally, they could pay off their student loans.

So, who's the real elitist? To borrow from a Bill Cosby book title, "Come On, People."

Up until now, Blacks have been accused of being obsessed with talking about race; in this instance, when a Black man is leading a White woman and seems on the verge of victory, the White woman’s camp keeps dragging another type of “race“ into the contests.




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