Hillary Clinton: Someone Is About To Sing

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[Elections 2008: Black Star News Editorial]


Senator Hillary Clinton’s leading supporters in Pennsylvania seem to be moving towards acceptance of a possible Senator Barack Obama upset victory there.

In Separate television appearances today, including on CNN, both Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the Democratic Party will rally behind whomever is the candidate. This is remarkably different from recent denigrating comments.

There was no more talk by Governor Rendell of conservative white voters not being prepared to vote for a Black candidate; that kind of inflammatory rhetoric was for weeks ago, when Clinton led by 20 points in Pennsylvania.

Nutter, a rising political star, unlike Newark Mayor Cory Booker, bet on the wrong candidate. Yet, that is the good thing with the democratic process; people evaluate candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and decide on the candidate to support.

Senator Clinton boasts of being battle-tested and having mastered the politics of character assassination, blow-torching and mud-slinging. “I have baggage,” she boasted during the debate this week. We had noticed.

Ironically, the “dirty” skills are all laudable attributes that the Democrats will need in the fall general election in order to counter Karl Rove and other Republican masters of demonization. There is no pair more formidable than Senator Clinton and her husband, in matching up superbly, mano-a-mano, against any Republican attack dogs. Bill Clinton even had a Black man executed when he was governor of Arkansas, to win the votes of centrist Democrats.

Yet, while these attributes can help win elections, given the destructive eight years of the Bush-Cheney-McCain regime, the American public don't want these to be the defining qualities in their next president.

Had Senator Obama not emerged on the political scene and promised to shake up and end old-school politics, Clinton would have won this year, because compared to George Bush, she is manna from heaven.

The reality is that Senator Obama is now here with us. He represents a stark contrast; while Clinton, as demonstrated by her constant attacks against Obama in this week’s debate, is firmly tied to the old-school politics--where politicians win by throwing more slime than their opponent.

In the last two weeks alone, at least 10 superdelegates have stepped forward to back Obama; more are expected to announce their backing on Tuesday morning, the day of the Pennsylvania election. Moreover, 90% of 300 remaining superdelegates have expressed support for Senator Obama, in confidential surveys.

For Senator Clinton to continue attracting campaign donations, she would need to repeat the 10- points-margin of victory she enjoyed in New Jersey and Ohio; that won’t happen in Pennsylvania, and the check books will close.

Senator Clinton may have dropped the kitchen sink on her own foot this week: Instead of voters moving away from Senator Obama, as Clinton continued to repeat the so-called Rev. Jeremiah Wright scandal, and even introduce new irrelevant accusations, more voters embraced Senator Obama.

All the major daily tracking polls showed a remarkable climb in the last five days by Senator Obama in Pennsylvania. In the Zogby poll, whereas Clinton led 46% to 43% on Saturday, the margin today was 46% to 44%.

The Rasmussen daily tracking poll last Monday had Clinton leading 50% to 41%; Rasmussen’s latest tracking shows Clinton leading 47% to 44%.

With respect to national polls, Gallup’s daily tracking on Thursday found Clinton up 49% to 42%, seven points ahead; today, Gallup finds Obama leading Clinton 47% to 45%.


The writing is on the wall.




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