Hillary Clinton Through Clear Eyes

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[Elections 2008: Demystifying The Clintons]


In retrospect, I have come to appreciate just how selfish Bill and Hillary Clinton are as public officials, and on occasion, even in their personal lives as the Lewinsky scandal is emblematic of. However it is in their public lives where they've most harmed the Nation and the Democratic Party with their selfishness.

The Clinton's pushed trade arrangements that are gutting American living standards and now disingenuously -rail against conditions they helped to create. Those trade arrangements helped exacerbate the trend of income inequality that is destroying what this nation has stood for – the promise of the ability of our citizens to live to their fullest potential.

Moreover, the Clinton's with their push for media consolidation, have quite literally helped to limit our 1st Amendment free speech rights. They gave more power to a handful of media conglomerates who use our airwaves as a giant adjunct to the PR departments of our defense industry - among others.

Today, we are the least informed cadre of American people in our nation's modern history – we know little of our own country and nearly nothing of the rest of the world.

The Clintons played a big role in getting us to the low point, as Bill and Hillary's coziness with Rupert Murdoch and Richard Mellon Scaife - attest.

Further, the Clinton's have stooped to using racial politics -thus removing themselves from any potential of ever being seen as honorable people - ever again - in the eyes of many, and that gives rise to new potential patterns voter apathy.

If the Democrats are no better than the GOP – why go to the bother of supporting either if it ends in the same place ; I've never given that logic or lack thereof a moment's notice - until now - thanks to Hillary Clinton, her lies and general moral turpitude .

Finally, the Clinton's have with impunity ,consistently shown low regard , if any at all, for the Democratic Party's general wellbeing and its principles ; they have consistently put their personal interest - before all else.

Putting the Clinton's forward as the Democratic Party standard bearer again, will harm the party – possibly irreparably. The Clintons are not healers or winners - they are triangulators and losers - for the Party and the Nation.


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