Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination!

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[Black Star News Editorial]


Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is a snake-oil salesman.

Tonight when asked, he told Larry King on “Larry King Live” that the contest between Senator Clinton and Senator Barack Obama was “virtually tied.”

McAuliffe said his candidate has earned 16.5 million votes while Senator Barack Obama has won 16.7 million in the 48 contests held so far.

Yes, indeed.

The candidates are tied only in Clinton’s Lalaland where everyone drinks a peculiar Clintonian nectar.

In the real world, where the rest of us live, Senator Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton by more than 700,000 votes; he leads her in the total delegates count 1,865 to 1,698.5 and only needs 160 more delegates to win the nomination; and, Obama leads Clinton in the number of contests won 32 to 16.

Yet, if it makes Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton, and everyone else currently drinking the Clintonian nectar feel any better, why should they limit themselves to a mere tie? Why not declare victory and have Clinton prepare to run in the general election against Senator John McCain?

Clinton’s advisers, enablers, and acolytes could convince the world that had some voters, who somehow had more pressing issues during the last 48 contests shown up, they might have all voted for Clinton.

So, let’s pick a number; 800,000.

Had these 800,000 shown up and voted for Clinton, she would be ahead of Obama in the popular votes by 100,000 votes. Moreover, instead of trailing Obama 32 to 16, Clinton would have won more states.

Had the stubborn, unintelligent, and incompetent superdelegates who have pledged support for Obama acted rationally and backed Senator Clinton, she would also be ahead of Obama in the total delegates count.


So clearly, Clinton is actually leading Obama; it’s only a question of perception and different realities. In the real world Obama is ahead and will soon secure the nomination; in the Clintonian world, Senator Clinton is leading and will soon be heading to the White House.

Obama has no chance barring a spectacular miracle. We urge the Illinois senator to withdraw for the sake of Clinton.

In the Clintonian world of course.

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