Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania

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[Elections 2008: Pennsylvania Vote]


Senator Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania with a eight-point margin tonight and immediately asked her supporters for more money to continue her campaign, as the hot contest depleted her bank account.

Clinton needed a big victory to shore up her supporters’ confidence and have them open their check books. Clinton is projected to win 54% to 46%.

Clinton had led by 20 points in February and 16 points last month, before Senator Barack Obama’s strong campaigning sliced the margin by half.

Senator Clinton has been sharply criticized for fear-mongering, including television commercial for her campaign used in the last few days that used images of Osama bin Laden.

Senator Clinton spent massively on commercial in Pennsylvania in holding off Senator Obama’s meteoric pursuit, and his powerful war chest that permitted him to outspend her by a two-to-one margin.

Clinton’s campaign is $10.5 million in debt with less than $9 million left in her campaign’s bank account; without critical infusion she won’t be able to effectively compete in the remaining nine states. Senator Obama has $40 million in his bank account and only $600,000 debt.

Analysts believe that Clinton’s campaign is still on shaky ground. Her plans going forward will depend on how much money she can raise in the next 10 days.

Senator Clinton’s Clinton’s Pennsylvania victory may not help her gain any ground on Senator Obama’s delegates lead. The two candidates may end up splitting the 158 delegates at stake in Pennsylvania, meaning Clinton could end up with no net delegates gain, or as few as five to 10 delegates, given the margin of her victory.

The Democratic Party allots delegates on a proportional basis, depending on each candidates margin of victory in each electoral district.

Philadelphia and its suburbs accounts for nearly 40% of the delegates and Senator Obama handily beat Clinton here, winning by more than 130,000 votes.

Before Pennsylvania, Senator Obama led Clinton in the total delegates count 1,681 to 1,544. A candidate needs 2,025 to win the nomination.

The next crucial battlegrounds are North Carolina and Indiana, on May 6. Some polls show Senator Obama leading by more than 20 points in North Carolina.





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