Hillary In Clintonland

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[Black Star News Editorial]


Only in Clinton Land can a loss of 20 point leads in both Texas and Ohio within a one month period be turned into alleged “stunning comeback victories.”

This is because the Clinton machine knows that the so-called mainstream media will swallow any spin, given enough time.

Weeks ago, Bill Clinton wrote the headlines for his wife’s campaign for most newspapers when he declared that if his wife did not win both Ohio and Texas, then she would not be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. Conversely, as Clinton knew several media outlets would conclude, if Clinton won these two states, she would then become the Democratic Party’s candidate for President.

The master spinner knew what he was doing.

Bill Clinton has utter contempt for most media. He knows that most reporters, editors and editorial writers don’t think for themselves. That’s why he was able to issue a bald-faced lie and almost get away with it when he famously declared: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman-----Monica Lewinsky.”

Bill Clinton knew that, especially after he angrily wagged his hand, few people would pose the natural followup question: “Well Mr. President, did you have sex at all or any intimate contact or intercourse?” Clinton had technically not lied since his perversions with Monica, he reasoned, could not be constituted as “relations.”

So the professor of spin wrote another story for the media, on behalf of Senator Clinton, and most swallowed it willingly.

The reporters, editorial writers and talking empty-heads suddenly forgot that in Texas Senator Hillary Clinton lost a 20-point lead, and staggered by with 4% points on Tuesday and this only after her desperate fear-mongering red phone advertisement that will come back to haunt the Democratic Party in the fall against Republican candidate John McCain. And in Ohio, Senator Clinton’s 20-point lead was again obliterated and she won by 10 points.

If the shoe was on the other foot, the pundits would have been saying the fact that voters representing a 20-point lead shifted in Texas meant there was a concensus moving towards the other candidate that had won 11 in a row.

Senator Clinton knows there are not enough delegates left for her in the remaining races to catch up with Obama and she knows that in the remaining weeks more super delegates will continue declaring for Obama ----in a one month period he has wiped her lead there from 105 to 35---- and that’s why she is launching a publicity campaign to change the rules of the game and have delegates from Michigan and Florida seated. And people thought that the Republicans were the dirty guys.

After all that voting on Tuesday, Clinton may have a net gain of just over a dozen delegates. Senator Barack Obama has won 27 states to Clinton’s 14 and he leads by more than 150 points. It’s almost as if there had been no elections Tuesday in terms of Clinton denting Obama’s lead on the delegates count. These are the facts of the matter and the true story and reality that the media have been diverted from by the Clinton spin.

No wonder the Clintons ----and much of the public by the way---- have so much contempt for the media. The contempt is well deserved.

Yet the spin won't reverse the will of the electorate and hopefully someone will soon wake both Clintons and tell them they're in a bad dream.



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