Hillary Was Strong For Obama, But....

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[Commentary: Election 2008]


Yeah, she did a good job.

The strengths she displayed in her speech I always felt were within her. I always liked Hillary Clinton because I believe that she is about the people, not just because she understands the lay of the land in politics --which she does, how could she not?-- but because the element that she brings to the table in all of this is something unique to women in the way of caring no matter what about something they love, treasure or want, whether it's new shoes for their kids or a man that isn't worth a nickel.

For me it was always a bit more chemical than just what was practically best in this race for President. I know that women have something in them that can be depended upon no matter what, something that perhaps comes out of the essence of motherhood, being able to stay the course despite the challenges and somewhat love unconditionally; Black women did it for us when we couldn't do it for them during and coming up out of slavery.

Hillary showed great strength, the same strengths that I thought would make her a good President. I still don't know how this Obama-Biden ticket will work out as Biden is nothing much compared to Hillary in my eyes. I still say you gotta win the first one, you gotta get there first, you gotta win. Obama decided to take his chances with all that. I hope it works out for him, so it can maybe work out a bit better for us all. 

A few DNC glimpses at truths...

Besides the look at CNN Roland Martin jamming to the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire during the early parts of the conference, did you notice the guy on the news clip sitting next to him, unable to feel what Martin was feeling? It said a lot about strong differences between us as people. He did not look happy with the sort of preliminary changes brought to bear on the old political machine, didn't seem to understand the music.

It was also nice to see Black people given key parts of the program, something that is not the norm, at least not in such abundance. And we did well and I was proud to see us take part and lead and show that we are as much and beautiful as anyone else, and willing to share it and work together for all.

This morning on CNN, a Black woman delegate from somewhere was crying after Hillary's speech and just feeling bad about all of the strengths you mentioned not leading us into the future. She said that she would still cast her vote for Hillary and that Obama had 2 months, though she would not vote for  McCain.

She said that Obama had just not connected with her. Interesting and quite remarkable a statement from her but indicative of just how emaciated we were as a people coming out of slavery. The residue of all that greatly devastated us and disconnected that we do not march as a group for our own best interests, as most other groups have more than successfully done for ages.

50 years ago not one white person in America would've voted for a black man for much of anything in this country...To a man, not one white person would've done it. Because collectively they did not see us as adequate or capable or equal and in many ways they still don't as they are deeply connected to who they have always been.

And in watching this woman so strangely say that she could not connect with Obama, perhaps so are we in many ways so deeply connected to who we have always been. The mind is very powerful and works both ways, pro and con...and not necessarily as per right or wrong but always as per us all.  


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