How Sanford Police Betrayed Trayvon Martin

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Question: Sanford Florida what more do you need?

Arrest George Michael Zimmerman now.  Murder has no statute of limitation.

Martin v. Zimmerman case has been turned over to the Jacksonville
Attorney General’s office due to a conflict of interest on the part of
State Attorney Norman Wolfinger. It is also unclear whether Wolfinger
visited the crime scene before Trayvon’s body was moved from the crime
scene.  However, Wolfinger talked over the case with Captain Robert
O’Connor and Chief Lee before letting Zimmerman walk.
these accounts are true, that Trayvon’s body was in the morgue for three days
labeled a “John Doe” this is very disturbing., This case calls for a
special investigation into the acts made on the part of public
officials, who may have made themselves accessories after the fact and
caused the Sanford Police Department (SPD) and the criminal justice
system to be put under a microscope.

George Zimmerman called
911 for the police. Trayvon cried out for help. When Zimmerman said, "I called for help and nobody came," he was referring to the 911 call he
made for back up.  Zimmerman continued to stalk Trayvon after being
told by the 911 operator, “We don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman
ignored those words because he is not accustomed to listening to the
police. He took the law into his own hands.

This case is
all about the 911 tapes because it tells the story of how Trayvon Martin
feared for his life and we now know his fears were justified. From the
911 tapes we know what the responding police were doing. From the 911
tapes we hear noticeable fear in the voices of callers--those who were
in their houses locked behind their doors – Trayvon was not so lucky.

minutes after ending the call with the 911 operator, George Zimmerman
takes Trayvon Martin’s life, shooting him once in the chest. According
to what the coroner stated, there was no exit wound, which means the
single bullet just ripped Trayvon’s main organs. To add insult to
injury, the Sanford police stole Trayvon’s name for three days labeling
him as a “John Doe,” which is very suspect. Now Zimmerman and his suporters want to
steal Trayvon’s voice on the 911 tapes --claiming the shooter is the one who cried for help-- and we all should play dumb.

Sanford Police Investigator Chris Serino submitted an affidavit charging George
Zimmerman with manslaughter for the death of Trayvon Martin because he
did not believe Zimmerman’s accounts of what happened. However, high
ranking officials ordered Serino to void the arrest and let Zimmerman go

The Stand your ground law, was used to spring
Zimmerman from custody. It is not clear if Zimmerman’s father, a
retired judge had anything to do with the decision. Zimmerman said he
was following Trayvon while in his vehicle. At some point, he exited
his vehicle to confront Trayvon and later confessed to killing him.
Where are Trayvon’s rights on the Stand your ground law?

the real evidence continues to surface, it puts a dark cloud over the
Sanford police department. George Michael Zimmerman needs to be
rearrested and charged with the death of Trayvon Martin.

The world has now become a Neighborhood watch on this case.

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