I’m Sick And Tired Of Media Spin

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[Letter To The Editor]


The fact that Senator John McCain knows nothing about this failed economy --which he in fact helped mess up with his votes-- is an example of why Republicans want to slide him into The White House.

They know exactly what they are doing. The less a Republican running for office knows, the more attractive they are to their constituents.

It gives the rich Right Wing corporate thugs the very opportunity they want to control the candidates and run this country even further into the toilet then it currently is. We have witnessed this for the last eight years; and not just in the white house, but all over our government.

George W. Bush is a very good example of how they operate. They realize better then we do that Bush, McCain and many of these Republicans are uninformed and ignorant by choice; which serves their purpose to a tee.

What they do know though is that most Americans also do not understand what’s going on; so they spin their way through everything. Lying, cheating and stealing has become the norm; because they can get away with it. If you notice, education is one of the last things on the list that they want to focus their attention on; the dumber people are, the easier its is for these politicians to manipulate them.

The Right Wing media is also no exception to the rule of this corporate gang of criminals. If you can stand to watch and listen to these people each day, it becomes very clear they are stashed all over our networks to serve a purpose and it is not good for this country as we all see.

Right Wing media talk and spin about anything and everything; they don’t discuss the important issues, we face, and they are sickened by the knowledge that Senator Barack Obama will become the next president.

I along with millions of other well-thinking Americans are not fooled by this gang. We are all armed with our XM Radioʼs and listen to the alternative voices on the Internet; Air America, Nova M and the Power Station are excellent choices and filled with alternative voices of people who are really doing a service to this country--by educating those of us that know something is wrong but just canʼt quite figure out what it is.

Unfortunately for us, we have some Congress members that would rather ignore this reality, which adds to our dilemma.


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