If The Fear Monger Steals....

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[Elections 2008: Comment]

When you look at the core voters of each candidate there is a lesson to learn here.

The young voters from 18 to 29 are by no means stupid. The main reason they are drawn to Senator Barack Obama is because they truly believe that if they organize they can help this man make a difference.

If Senator Hillary Clinton manages to steal this nomination (and it will be stealing if she gets Michigan and Florida reseated) these NEW participants in the Democratic Party will realize that all of that work didn't matter one bit, and they probably stay home on election day like they used to.

Now think about that. We would have successfully disenfranchised another generation of voters and continue will have to continue to rely on voters over the age of 60 and political activist for election results instead of the majority of Americans.

Not to mention that everything that come out of the Clinton campaign is a contradiction. "This race is about delectability": So why then are you still in the race when you've lost 29 states and 11 in a row?

"Obama doesn't win core Democratic states": If these are core Democratic states they will remain core Democratic states, and don't forget the margins even in New York, her home state, and California were not blow outs.

"Ohio is a swing state that Democrats need and Obama didn't win it": Did we already forget about Wisconsin and Missouri, two critical swing states with demographics that Clinton should have won and she didn't?

"When the phone rings at 3am etc….": This is the biggest hypocrisy of all. To run an add suggesting you're the most qualified of three candidates when you already made the wrong decision on the Iraq war; you have no military background; you are second in terms of "supposed" life experience; and you are 3rd when it comes to total legislative experience is ridiculous.

I thought for sure at the end of that 3 am ad there would be "I'm John McCain and I approve this message".

I leave you with this--there is a reason almost half the country considers themselves independent: it's because of campaigns like these, and the ever growing belief that your vote doesn't matter.

Should this fear-monger win she will not have the ability to rally independents to her side like John McCain will or the ability to bring new and or young voters with her, and you know what that outcome will look like.

If she wins I for one will start getting in shape for the pending draft that should be needed for the 100 year war of our New President.








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