If We Can Bail Wall Street, We Can Afford Single Payer

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 [Comment: On Healthcare]

The Health Care Crisis in America is a symptom of a deeply rooted illness called Capitalism. 

This crisis is a systemic problem that has rendered 47 million Americans uninsured and 25 million Americans under-insured. Well over 50% of the people who file for bankruptcy claim high medical cost as the reason. 

How is it that capitalism has billions of dollars to bail out the greedy, corrupt deregulated thieves on Wall Street and billions of dollars to maintain two imperialistic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but can not find the capital to finance a Single Payer Universal National Health Care plan that will cover all Americans with qualitative, affordable, accessible health care? 

Capitalists say that a state or government sponsored national health care plan is a form of Socialism. These are the same people that “privatize their profits but socialize their losses.” These are the same people that want smaller government and less government intrusion when they’re making money and then beg the government for welfare bail outs when they’re losing money. 

Several European countries and Canada provide free health care and free education to its people; why not America? I’ve had the honor and privilege to visit state run socialist nations, with struggling economies, such as Cuba and Venezuela and they still provide free health care and free education to their people; Why not America? 

American Capitalism maximizes profits for the rich by utilizing industrial complexes in a privatized market economy. 

An industrial complex is the relationship between the corporate world and politicians, a marriage that prioritizes human greed over human need. America is ruled by several major industrial complexes; i.e. the Military Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Housing Industrial Complex, the Education Industrial Complex, and yes the Health Industrial Complex. 

All of these industrial complexes exist to make the rich richer and the struggling working class families of America poorer.  It is said that “when white folk catch a cold, black folk catch pneumonia.”  Which means if white working class families are struggling, then black families are devastated.  The indigenous people (so-called Indians) are still on economically oppressed reservations.  What a disgrace to this nation.

Anytime a government has a national budget of 3.6 trillion dollars and fails to feed, clothe, house, employ, educate, and provide health care to all of the people; that’s a government that is unfit to lead a nation and is in need of a revolution.

The Declaration of Independence states “that all …. are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  The Declaration further states; “that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that; “America needs an equitable redistribution of its wealth and a radical rearrangement of its social, political and economic order.” 
I think you get my point.  Plenty of food for thought.  Let’s get busy ya’ll.  Join an organization that fights for change, there are plenty out there. Remember the struggle may be long but the victory is certain!

Mr. Barron is the New York City Councilmember representing Brooklyn’s 42nd District

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