Impeach George Bush Now!!

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My beautiful Black brothers and sisters.

While the world is transfixed by the Judge Roberts confirmation hearings, too much is slipping through the cracks. Under our very noses, this government killed Frances Newton; a Black woman on death row who many supporters believed was innocent. While everyone tuned into George Bush’s empty apologies, there are still young Katrina victims who have yet to reunite with their families, be rescued and find adequate food and shelter. We have to begin to recognize distractions for what they are. If this country was convinced that it ought to impeach Clinton for Monica, how come nobody’s clamoring to impeach Bush for Katrina?

But we should not focus solely on these leaders and personalities. We have to begin to do the work of taking control of a government gone mad. Remember that Congress, which controls the government’s purse strings, approved this war in Iraq. Members of Congress are as much at fault for where we are as is the President. America needs new leadership and so does the Black community. The new leadership must be fearless, relentless, and aggressive in putting forth a real agenda that will attack systemic racist policy at its core, so much so that the effects will be felt even throughout Congress. Then and only then will we see any significant change.

We have to stop allowing the media directed by big business and fueled by the white supremacist agenda to distract us. Channels like CNN and FOX continue to promote the idea that they’re on top and we’re on the bottom. They continue to lie to us so that we will internalize the image of the white savior. They want us to believe the stories of helplessness and to accept the futility of any efforts we put forth to help ourselves. Racism is a preventable disease. The Katrina fiasco and the murder of Frances Newton are proof of that. Both of these outrages were preventable if we would have but believed that the people have the power. Nuclear facilities will continue to poison people in our neighborhoods but all you’ll ever see on TV is another concert or telethon to raise money for the RED CROSS. We are still being hoodwinked led astray and bamboozled. Our political naiveté and apathy is destroying us bit by bit. Where are the checks and balances if Congress is in collusion with the President? There is a real need for independent leadership and that’s what the next few months are going to be about.

On the first of each month for the next six months, Black Waxx in conjunction with Artists and Activists United for Peace and several other organizations will launch the Love Power and Soul Tour; a series of events that will highlight Black activism and self determination. Check the Black Waxx website, for more information. Revolution then peace.

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