In Case Of Burglary, Won't Gates Call Cambridge Police?

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God forbid, in the future, what if Prof. Gates does wake up to find burglars? Won't he call the same Cambridge Police?

[The Crowley-Gates Affair]

Let me offer the 60 year old white man’s view of the contretemps involving Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police.  

It is late at night. I had just returned from a night out with my friend, Stanley. 

First we went to a poetry reading at St. Mark’s in the Bowery. Afterwards we ate dinner in Chinatown at Hong Fat, which has since closed. But neither Stanley nor I imbibed alcoholic beverages, so we were sober.

As I arrive home, I realize that I do not have the keys. I am locked out of my apartment. 
What should I do? 

Well since I had recently graduated from college and was in reasonably good shape even after eating a plate of Beef Chow Fun and a large bowl of Wonton Soup, I decided to climb up the fire escape to get into my apartment.
As I was climbing up the fire escape, a police car was making its rounds.

The police car stopped. The officers shouted at me to get down. I climbed down. The police asked me for identification.
I showed them my driver’s license.  Unfortunately my driver’s license had my parent’s address in Long Beach as my address.
So the police began to question me.

As they were questioning me several of my neighbors appeared.  They explained to the police that I lived in the apartment- and that this was not the first time I had lost my keys.

So, all went well. But I did not argue with the police. They were doing their job.
But let us imagine this scenario. 

Suppose that burglars had forced their way into Professor Gates’ house as he was asleep and that he was awakened.
What would the burglars have done to Professor Gates if he had seen them?

They may have killed him. And God forbid, in the future, what if Prof. Gates does wake up to find burglars? Won't he call the same Cambridge Police? And that is why the police acted aggressively. When someone perpetrates a crime at night, they are usually armed. And armed means that someone shall be harmed!

Perhaps a little bit of understanding is needed here. And please Professor Gates, never identify yourself as a Harvard Professor.

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