Introducing The Acholi Man I Love

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[Fiction: Acholi Erotika]

Editor's note: This column begins The Black Star News’s creative writing series. All authors are invited to submit fiction writings including poems to be considered for publication.

Contrary to popular belief, the man I love so much is great but not the greatest at stroking my U.

However, I have become engulfed in pampering him because the transformation that he undertakes affirms my position as the woman he penetrates. The first of many pacifiers that would seal our love was when I de-boned sea bass and presented it to him. I soon learnt that what seemed effortless and insignificant to me was priceless to him.  

I automatically know when he is about to explode without body language or spoken words. But instead of attempting to delay his release, I have developed a technique that takes care of me first and then I embark on a mission to nurture and nourish his manhood.

That way I am able to concentrate my feminine might to encourage and welcome him whenever he is ready. The sequence of his metamorphosis leading to the climax always surprises me. I tell him that I have never met a man like him but he says “It is not me. It is you.” He asked and I admitted that I did not understand what he meant by “I am easy to access.” He explained and added that “Now the secret is out.” I said “Thank you. I promise to keep the secret”.  

I have never in my memory felt a bond as strong as to challenge the copyrighted one we have. A glimpse of his email to me makes you use your own imagination. He writes: “The raw manpower that you draw from my aged body is true testimony of how much my body has accepted you”.

I was very impressed by his ability to word emotions that I feel deeply rooted in my womanhood. To be sure, in a conversation, I asked for Acholi (African) translation. He said “Ii yutu ayuta.” That sent me over the edge! The next time he stroked me I passionately held him as if it would be the last time. 

But the greatest reward for me is his sheer insatiable appreciation of me!

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