Is France's Nicolas Sarkozy Crazy?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

A New York Times story, buried on page 9 in the newspaper on April 1, reported that France's Nicolas Sarkozy was persuaded to recognize Benghazi and bomb Libya by his friend Bernard-Henri Levy.

Levy, who fancies himself a French Indiana Jones of sort, called Sarkozy from Benghazi after taking a detour from his vacation in Egypt, and convinced his friend to send in the French air force jets, which clearly Sarkozy can use like his personal toys.

The article "By His Own Reckoning, One Man Made Libya a French Cause" notes that Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni, had once ruined the marriage of Levy's own daughter. Sarkozy perhaps felt deep guilt and probably believed he owed Levy one; so he invades Libya.

Sarkozy, the article reported, assured Levy that France would bomb Muammar al-Quathafi's armed forces with or without approval of the United Nations. The French president told his buddy that if the U.N., the Arab League and the African Union withheld approval for the intervention --the AU did-- France would team up with its "European partners" and find a way to bomb al-Quathafi's army.

When the UN Resolution was voted in, Sarkozy reportedly declared to his fried Levy, "We won."

What kind of sick twisted minds are these, playing with the lives of Libyans and playing with Africa? Is Sarkozy, who has not denied the report, according to the Times, mentally unstable? Is nuclear armed France being governed by a sick man?

The story should have been on the front page of the Times and should have been written in a serious tone. But the Times has also deluded itself into believing that the Benghazi Al-Qaeda affiliated "rebels" are the solution to Libya's woes.

If he was an American president Sarkozy would be facing impeachment proceedings. Which raises the question, why is the United States still playing any role in this disastrous European farce? Why would the lives of American servicemen and servicewomen be put at risk over some perverted game by Sarkozy and Levy?

France and the U.K. are not busy "saving" any Libyan lives. By promoting warfare, they are in fact prolonging conflict and endangering Libyan lives.

The United States can redeem some moral capital by demanding for a real ceasefire; by both parties in the conflict, not the current insanity whereby Sarkozy and David Cameron want "ceasefire" only by al-Quathafi. President Obama should demand that France and Britain stop testing their new weaponry on Libya and allow all the sides to come together, agree on a ceasefire and initiate talks for a new constitution and elections.

Hillary Clinton, if she had any sense at all, would apologize to President Obama for allowing the U.S. into being sucked into Sarkozy's depraved universe and even offer a resignation--instead she is thumping her chest and demanding for more war. like Sarkozy. Instead of doing the right thing and admitting that she was duped by Paris. Sarkozy even kept his own foreign minister Alain Juppe in the dark, according to the Times' article.

Muammar al-Quathafi has written to President Barack Obama, asking that the U.S. help arrange for a ceasefire. Obama should not ignore the request even though the warmongers, whose sons and daughters are not dying, control the current debate.

So determined to prolong war, France and the United Kingdom are allowing Benghazi to smuggle Libya's oil into the international market through Qatar. Will any of this blood oil find its way into the U.S. market?

When insurgents illegally exported riches from war-torn eastern Congo, United Nations sanctions were imposed. In Libya the West is promoting criminal activity, allowing Benghazi to contravene UN sanctions, to purchase more weapons and prolong the war. What incentives do the insurrectionists have for peace, when their benefactors want war?

Way to save the lives of "Libyan civilians."

The "rebels" have never concealed their motives. Mustafa Jalil, a Benghazi leader who until about a month ago was al-Quathafi's justice minsiter proved how corrupt he was when he told The Financial Times that Libya's oil spoils would be dished out in proportion to the amount of help each Western country provides in deposing al-Quathafi.

No wonder France, the United Kingdom and Italy, responding to the blackmail and bribe, are so keen on extending the war. Illegal Oil deals have probably been signed. There are treasures at the end of the bloody rainbow--once the bodies are eventually buried. Vive Sarkozy!

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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