Is Obama Becoming Black-Lite?

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I went to breakfast at a truck stop near Baltimore recently.

I caught sight of a suspicious scene as I walked up to my table. A group of Black men of various ages, young, middle, and older were discussing IL Senator Barack Obama.

I was about to call the police until I remembered that I too am Black. Actually the brothers-I suspect were either family members or workmates. They seemed pretty enthused about the young presidential candidate. The older one of them wrapped up that part of the conversation by saying he thinks a Hillary and Obama ticket would be the best chance of victory, and they moved on to a different subject.

No I didn’t join in the discussion. I never learned to eat a buffet and talk at the same time. I just thought it was interesting enough just listening to them. Of course if you read my column on a regular basis, then you know that I too favor a Clinton and Obama ticket.

I like Obama; he gives kick-ass speeches. Hillary wishes she was that smooth, but based on his political decision maybe the brotha’s got a lot to learn. According a New York Times report, back in January Obama asked the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright to give invocation at his eventual announcement of his run for the White House. Reverend Wright was the Pastor of Obama’s church and a mentor and close friend to the Senator.

At some point shortly before the date in question, either Obama or one of his “advisors” told the good Rev. that the invocation was being rescinded. What events took place between that day in January and Feb 10th to suddenly make Dr. Wright become Dr. Wrong?

Well—nothing. You see, Wright and his church are seen by many whites as being very “Afro centric,” radical, even separatist. In one fell swoop, the good reverend’s invocation became an out-vocation: “One of his members talked him into uninviting me,” Rev. Wright declared.

Your point-man has surmised the cause of this sudden turn-of-events and has come up with reason to believe the IL Senator is ILL. That’s right folks. Obama is showing signs of the dreaded avian flu, let’s examine the little-known symptoms: Odd behavior; suddenly paying off very old parking tickets. I mean who does that, really? Second symptom: chronic over-use of the word “audacity.” 

You all should have picked up on this immediately; I mean if he attached the suffix -osity after some words as my barber Johnny does (ridicul-osity, peculiar-osity) I would have no problem with it. Habitual indecisiveness over who opens with prayer; at the family dinner table.

Of course I’m poking fun, but the bird flu is somewhat of a concern. Reportedly two months after his Senate victory Obama bought 50k shares of stock from a company that was a known investor towards his campaign run. The firm AVI Biopharma is known as speculative company—a company with a large number of assets tied up in projects with uncertain returns. They are known for their high risk of failure. On the other hand if the investment succeeds, then you really gets paid. While oil companies are the most common speculative companies, AVI was starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu.

In March of ’05 two weeks after buying about $5,000 shares, he pushed for more federal spending to battle the much-anticipated major disease. As it turned out, Obama’s choice to use the Rev. Dr. Wright at his event was really just speculation as well.

By this example it would be easy to say Obama doesn’t really know the intricacies of being an African American, but many Blacks whose parents were born in this country would have done the same thing given the same circumstances. This is just an example of not knowing and anticipating how white people-especially those close to you-do things. Many whites in their quest to make us in their philosophical image, tirelessly manipulate events so as to alienate Blacks they fear—a known pro-Black figure or group—and cause a division.

If one of Obama’s advisors told him not to allow Rev. Wright to open his announcement, then this was his chance to put his white underlings in his or her or their place. I mean even going so far as to go Nat Turner/Ike Turner on them and let them know that while he takes all suggestions under advisement, the final decision belongs to him.

Such a move would have shown the world at an early stage, that he couldn’t be swayed like Bill Clinton was, as when he withdrew his nomination of Lani Guinier to be Assistant Attorney General for civil rights, due to bipartisan pressure. But you know the old saying, hindsight is 20 million votes.

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