Is Rep. Peter King A Low Life Pedophile?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Is Rep. Peter King a “low-life pervert” and a “pedophile”?

Of course we don’t know the answer.

Yet using Rep. Peter King’s own logic, facts no longer matter in the public domain.  Not even when the person making the statement happens to be a U.S. lawmaker who wants to use Michael Jackson’s death to ride into the U.S. Senate.

Rep. King (Republican, New York) has posted a YouTube video wherein he refers to Michael Jackson as a “pervert” and a “child molester” and a “pedophile.”

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These are factual statements Rep. King makes. Yet Jackson was never convicted when he was tried on the charges. He settled an earlier allegation for millions of dollars even though the accuser’s father made no secret about his quest for money and to destroy Jackson’s career raising serious questions and doubts.

Again, using Rep. King’s standards, these are sufficient “evidence” for him to make his definitive statements. This is the logic of a U.S. Congressman who hopes to get elected a United States senator?

Of course some of Jackson's behavior raises many questions and even suspicions--yet Rep. King's statements reflect a certainty which only he seems to posses. 

Rep. King also posed the rhetorical question: Would you leave your child or grandchild alone in the same room with Jackson? 

The obvious answer is no—Michael’s dead. A more serious question is does a man with the warped logic displayed by Rep. King belong in Congress let alone the Senate?

Our definitive answer: Hell No!

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