Is Spike Lee A Tyler Perry Hater

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Spike Lee's attacks on Tyler Perry are unfair. I don't understand them.

Just because Perry doesn't fit within Lee's box --in terms of how movies should be made-- and makes his films in a different way, it does not mean that he should be judged harshly.

Lee contends that Perry's characters are minstrel-like creations. In a recent TV interview with Ed Gordon, I watched, Lee referred to Perry's style in a derogative manner.

I wonder whether Spike Lee has ever attended a Tyler Perry play. If he had he would understand that Tyler Perry has a message in his plays. He offers constructive criticism and doesn't just bash Black people. He uses humor, which makes the messages more receptive.

He does not just tear people down.

Madea is one of his most well-known characters. People come to Perry's plays to see what Madea is up to. Madea offers lessons on life--she speaks about everything: relationships between men and women; father and son; father and daughter.

Humor --and the singing-- are just devices that Perry uses to attract his audience. Spike Lee's attacks almost appear as if he resents Perry; in my opinion he's a hater.

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