Is U.S. Safe From Rupert Murdoch's Gangster Journalism?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

United States authorities need to launch an investigation into Rupert Murdoch's media tactics in this country.

It's inconceivable that Rupert Murdoch would engage in a certain type of journalism  --hacking or intercepting phone calls of innocent regular folks, including a 13-year-old dead girl; bribing police officers and; secretly taping meetings with sources interviewed-- in the United Kingdom and not practise the same brand of gangster journalism in the United States.

The Murdoch brand of journalism is probably carried out in his U.S. outlets as well --such as FOX News, The New York Post-- and the many other newspapers, television stations and radio stations across the United States.

It's impossible to believe that Murdoch himself, and his son also, didn't know about the phone tapping, interception of messages, and the payments of bribes to government officials.

U.S. authorities must look into whether Murdoch's editors in the United States also ordered reporters to engage in criminal journalism, violating the rights and privacy of American citizens. Why would the Murdoch brand engage in a certain type of journalism in the U.K. and suddenly turn angelic here in the United States?

For example, were some of the questionable leaks or anonymous-sourced stories demonizing the alleged victim in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex attack case procured illegally, including through bribery, from police by Murdoch's operatives? And the many other occasions, when Murdoch newspapers were able to obtain photographs of suspects or victims of crimes that no other newspaper had; how were these photos acquired?

These are questions that are worth exploring. The rotten apples don't fall far from the tree. If Murdoch engaged in gangster journalism in the United Kingdom, where competition for news and information is intense, it's conceivable that Murdoch used the same methodology here.

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