It Looks Like…Nixon?

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It has been a year since George Bush rode a wave of popularity into a second White House term. But now the luster is wearing off. And besieged by a host of problems an administration that has tried to project infallibility is floundering. Slowly, but surely, all of the lies and deceit are starting to catch up. But with three years still to go in this term, the question is: where is this administration taking us?

From the very beginning the Bush Administration has played dirty. And it started in Florida. We now know with a certainty that the Black vote which tipped the state and the presidency in favor of Bush was stolen. Katherine Harris saw to that. In many instances, bogus claims were created to intimidate, block and bar African Americans from expressing their political rights. Had it not been for that, Al Gore would be our president now. But I guess it doesn't hurt when one of your campaign managers is also the secretary of state. Never mind a sibling sitting in the governor's chair.

The presidency was then signed, sealed and delivered by a narrow Supreme Court vote. This rare occurrence left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. And poor ratings plagued this presidential slacker who remained on vacation during much of those first months in office. Then 9-11 came. And the administration capitalized on the nation's fear to pursue its agenda of war profiteering and tax cuts for the rich that have turned a healthy surplus into a record deficit.

Tax cuts for those who don't need it tell part of the deficit story. The Iraq War tells the rest. At over $5 billion a month this unnecessary, illegal war is gutting the treasury of hard earned American tax dollars and lining the pockets of Bush and Cheney's cronies. This war of opportunity delivered no-bid contracts to the doorsteps of Bechtel and Halliburton who have played the American taxpayer like a fiddle. But while this war has been profitable for them 2,000 Americans and upwards of 100,000 Iraqis have died in this bloody, ongoing conflict.

Then Hurricane Katrina came highlighting the ineptitude and apathy of an administration that preaches democracy but never seems to practice it. And in the first major emergency since 9-11 the massive failure to respond efficiently, tellingly, resembled the government's clumsy reaction to 9-11. And America and the rest of the world saw it.

But at this point, there are other things to consider besides an economy buckling under the pressure of war, terrorism, tax cuts and escalating energy costs, things that could throw the country into further chaos.  First of all, the neo-cons are currently implementing the reshaping of the Supreme Court. And so now we see Bush trying to get his long-time minion, Harriet Miers, confirmed to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Interestingly, many Republicans are concerned that Miers may not be "conservative" enough and are showing opposition to the nomination. At any rate, even if Miers isn't confirmed you can rest assured that the next candidate will be another "conservative" committed to "legislating from the bench" the ideals of the far right.

It is very clear that we are going to have a court that will be shifting to the right. The recent confirmation of John Roberts as the new Chief Justice signals the start of this. The next appointee will solidify that reality. Roberts, was granted the seat occupied by his former mentor the late William Rehnquist. Roberts along with a Miers confirmation may well indicate that the overturning of Roe v Wade is imminent. But a "conservative" court also means that the gains many have bled and died for now face impending assault. And the poor in America, as always, will suffer the brunt of this judicial backlash.

Another interesting development is the controversy surrounding Karl Rove. What will an indictment of Rove mean for the administration? He is arguably the main player and driving force within the regime's small inner circle. And as long as he is caught up in the Valerie Plame leak scandal that means bad news for the White House. Moreover, how will the recent indictment of Tom Delay further complicate the situation?  "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's chief of staff is also under the microscope. A Nixonesque moment is very possible—jail maybe in store for some of these people.

Lately, there is increasing talk by some about impeachment. And compared to what the Nixon administration did this crew seem much worse. Many people have lost their lives because of their lies. Day by day their veneer of legitimacy is being stripped away. But in their desperation they continue to deceive. Did you see the president in his phony, manufactured interview with the "troops?" Wasn't that a truly revealing spectacle? It sure seemed to me like the president was trying to convince the American people that things aren't so bad. But we know they are. And where is the exit strategy to save us from the next three years? Because we’re going to need it.

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