John McCain Must Stop Pimping Sarah Palin

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[Election 2008: Publisher's Commentary]

So much for John McCain's and Sarah Palin's appeals to "populism" by promoting themselves as regular kind of guys that relate to people like "Joe The Plumber."

The evidence abundantly confirms that Palin, with her wardrobe selection is as elitist as they come; McCain, with so many homes --eight of them-- that he lost count, is clearly very upper crust.

Palin spent $150,000 in clothing and shoes at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nieman Marcus; these are outlets that the Joe The Plumbers of this world don't even dream of ever entering.

Palin has been so busy shopping, no wonder her poll figures have collapsed by 10 points in the last month alone; fully 55% of voters surveyed now say she's not qualified to be president--which is what the Vice President's job is, as Gen. Colin Powell pointed out last week.

On a more serious note, the $150,000 could have helped pay off the mortgages of at least 10 or 20 families, depending on what state the home is located, for a one year  period. The money could have also helped McCain's new friend Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher (his first name is actually Sam), buy that company he's always dreamed of.  Obviously it’s McCain, not Obama, who does not care for the Joe The Plumbers of this country.

Maybe the Joe The Plumber's out there would now prefer for the Republican Party and Palin to "share some of that wealth" around? At the very least, anyone who is outraged by the fact that money they contributed to help McCain win the White house was wasted on shopping binges should be entitled to a refund.

The truth is that the Republican Party panicked and selected Palin primarily because she was an attractive woman. The McCain campaign hoped to snare the majority of the Clinton women supporters. It was a very demeaning and insulting strategy because the campaign presumed that the millions of women that voted for Clinton over Senator Barack Obama supported her merely because she was a woman, rather than her positions, and her undeniable intellectual fortitude.

Palin is an intellectual light weight and her positions --pro-death penalty, against abortion rights, anti-gay rights, clueless on healthcare-- are completely the opposite of Hillary Clinton's.

When Palin's handlers at the McCain campaign realized their grievous error --it boils down to McCain's own contemptuous lack of judgment; age does not ensure maturity-- they decided to glitz up Palin by dressing her in the $150,000 wardrobe. It was kind of like an attractive woman coming to a job interview and wearing a very-mini-skirt and pulling the skirt a little higher every time she could not answer a question to the interviewer's satisfaction.

That's what the McCain people did; they pimped the hapless Sarah Palin. They have no respect for women at all. That’s why the Clinton women supporters have long ago abandoned the McCain-Palin ticket.

McCain has proven that he is not a serious man; certainly he is not as serious as Barack Obama about the presidency and the importance of this office and the magnitude of the challenges this nation faces.

McCain has proven his incompetence by the caliber, or lack thereof, of his VP running mate selection. He would have been better off admitting that he had made a fatal error, dumped Palin from the ticket, and gone with a candidate like Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Joe Lieberman, Mitt Romney or Florida governor Charlie Crist.

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